Future 100 Winners V-Z

Adeline Towers, Founder of Weanie Beans

Weanie Beans is a coffee shop without walls, in every sense of the meaning, Weanie Beans is the brainchild of Adeline Towers who sought to bring great coffee to the streets of London. Adeline wanted to find a place that sold fabulous coffee, had a great atmosphere, a passion for the product, superb customer service, and cared about their environmental impact. Expectations were seemingly too high, so she took the task on herself, and Weanie Beans is the outcome. We pride ourselves in the quality of our coffee, which is roasted for us weekly in Hackney by Climpson & Sons and collected by foot (or by bicycle if it’s pouring with rain), and our organic milk, which comes from Gilcombe Farm in Somerset. We have a strong emphasis on recycling
and reusing, we give all of our coffee grounds to local gardeners who use them to ward off slugs and fertislise their compost, our packaging is biodegradable, and we use as little of it as possible. Find out more here, www.weaniebeans.com


Liz Weston, Founder of Weston Communications

Weston Communications was established in Autumn 2008. Having spotted a gap in the market for working hand in hand with NHS Maternity Units in an ethical, profit sharing fashion, Liz Weston launched the New Baby Guides in 2009, encouraged by Heads of Midwifery from Maternity Units across East Anglia.

Our USP is that we provide high quality publications where complete editorial, design and content control is retained by the Maternity Units we work with. The social impact of the Guides cannot be underestimated – families receive all the information they need for life in the early days
of parenting whilst Maternity Units can be more environmentally conscientious by using less paper in producing just one document and, lessen their workload by having our project manage the publication. Everything we do is Babyfriendly and WHO compliant. We help Maternity Units provide tailored, localised information for new families which is relevant, engaging and easily understood. Find out more here, www.westoncommunications.org.uk


Anna Freedman, Founder of Wholefood Harmony

Wholefood Harmony is passionate about inspiring health through delicious natural cuisine. We run Wholefood Cooking workshops and bespoke Wholefood Events and seminars to encourage people to embrace balanced, healthy, tasty and sustainable eating. We also delight people through our gourmet Wholefood Catering and Wholefood coaching services.

Participants discover Wholefood cooking, learn about ingredients for wellbeing and create wonderful new recipes. Cooking workshops are grouped into series’ and follow themes such as seasonal or regional cuisines, ‘cooking For Vitality,’ ‘Natural Brunch’ or ‘Pure Pudding’. Workshops conclude with the enjoyment of a delicious three course meal comprising of over eight fresh dishes. Find out more here, www.wholefoodharmony.com


Amaka Olateju, Founder of WuChi by MAKS London

The WuChi by Maks bath and body care range was born out of necessity to help treat my daughter’s eczema, when nothing else worked. Frustrated I embarked on research of natural ingredients that would work and after testing came up with a formula that worked. Other mums started queuing up for their children and then family and friends wanted to try some. That’s when the business started. Find out more here, www.wuchi.co.uk

Gary Buxton, Founder of Young Advisors

Our organisation trains young people aged between 15 and 21 to become Young Advisors. Through a social enterprise model, these young professionals show community leaders and decision makers how to engage young people in community life. Young Advisors guide local authorities, housing associations, voluntary sector organisations and other local partners about what it is like for young person to live, work, and play in their neighbourhood. Our team of seven staff have established 43 projects across England which in turn have employed over 600 young people to actively improve communities. Find out more here, www.youngadvisors.org.uk



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