Future 100 Winners M-O

Charlotte Alock , Founder of MAC-UK

Music and Change (MAC) is a new and exciting project for young people aged 14-30 years on the Rowley Way Estate and local area in London’s borough of Camden. It was designed by young people for young people, with the support of the voluntary, health and business sectors.

MAC works with young people who might be considered some of London’s most challenging and marginalised and uses music as a tool for promoting positive mental health, community integration and employment. Young people co-design and co-facilitate all MAC workshops and each participant has a one-to-one mentor.

One in three young people who offend have underlying mental health difficulties such as low self esteem or low self-confidence and MAC seeks to get to the heart of these issues and to give support where needed. MAC firmly believes that every young person has a future – its mission is to help them to find it. Find out more here, www.musicandchange.com

Amy Yates, Founder of Mamacha Ltd

Mamacha sells a range of luxury alpaca knitwear and childrens clothing made by womens knitting groups in Peru. The women live in impoverished parts of the capital city Lima and in remote villages in the Andes mountains and rely on the income from UK sales for their livelihoods. I lived and worked in Peru for a year before studying Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Nottingham. I was also an intern at the British Embassy in Lima.  I am fluent in Spanish and committed to empowering Peruvian women through trade.

I am building a strong presence in the UK fair trade market, attending over 60 major events each year. I have a loyal customer base of over 2000 supporters who opt to receive my e-newsletter and product promotions.

The project currently supports approximately 150 women and enables them to earn a fair wage producing high quality hand knitted items, in a country where 45% of the population live below the poverty line.

I have also received the generous support of the Head Knitwear Designer of a well known high street brand who has designed a new range of women’s alpaca clothing. I am currently working on a new collection for Autumn Winter 2011. Find out more here, www.mamacha.co.uk

Robs Andrews, Founder of Manchester Creative Collective

Created for a coffee shop conversation on the state of a city of Manchester and activities of community members. Marbella hosted two events in the summer of 2008 that brought together the catalysts for what is now a city wide conversation on community participation, An Open Street Map event and the FutureSonic ‘In Search of a Social’. Led to Manchester a collaborative wiki mapping project and a Creative Arts Collective coming together with the aim of creating an open platform for community discussion of the city. After a series of meetings a new design space evolved for public creativity and an active community membership interested in collaborating cross disciplines, co planning and the sharing of ideas. Find out more here, www.mmc-hub.org

Jeni Banks, Founder of May Fifteen Ltd

May Fifteen is a member’ networking organisation designed to bring together business people from across Carlisle, Cumbria and the North West. By providing members with a range of regular monthly networking events, seminars and workshops, May fifteen is here to connect you with the region’s leading business owners, raise your companies profiles and build long term business relationships. We host 4 regular monthly events as well as individual seminars on key subjects, designed to provide business owners with valuable information to help run/grow their company.

Members can promote themselves through regular e-flyers sent out , including the ‘Thanks Fifteen It’s Friday’ newsletters, via the face book and twitter pages, they can sponsor individual events, promote special offers/discounts to other members, as incentives, as well as receiving discounts on their own cooperate and personal expenses from other members, and have the opportunity to present information to delegates as an additional form of promotion. After networking in Liverpool for 5 years Managing director Jeni Banks brought May Fifteen back to her home county Cumbria, to provide the local business community with additional opportunities to connect to each other, work together, promote their businesses and grow the local economy. Find out more here, www.mayfifteen.co.uk

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka, Founder of MeFiriGhana

The “Me FiRi GHANA” brand was developed having realised that a generation shift is occurring – primarily amongst the Ghanaian youth living in countries outside of Ghana. We found that Ghanaian Youth living outside of Ghana were proud to claim to be Ghanaian, yet had no modern day methods of expressing their identity in a way one could relate to. Find out more here www.mefirighana.com/

Sophie Orbaum, Founder of Midomo Bracelet (Red Button Design)

To celebrate the launch of Midomo – a revolutionary water purifier for developing countries – Red Button Design has commissioned a limited-edition bracelet by award-winning jewellery designer, Alex Monroe.

Each bracelet will cover the cost of donating one Midomo to an African community and, through a unique serial number imprinted on the jewellery, the owner of each bracelet will be able to track the journey of their donated Midomo online.

The bracelet is a perfect Christmas present; forever symbolizing the gift of safe water, it can be worn as a reminder of growth and development, as well as a beautifully crafted, stylish piece of jewellery. Find out more here, www.midomobracelet.org

Joe Swann, Founder of My Social Innovation

MySI works with 16-23 year olds to build positive social impact through their good work. Participants get an experience that equips them to become change makers by following a journey where first participants have easy access to an 8 session training course looking at skills for success and project development; they will also be able to have two personally tailored coaching sessions. Following this each participant that wishes continues the MySI journey into a supported process that enables them to establish youth-led community projects that meet a need they have identified. Finally, each innovation is then linked with a skilled mentor who, over a year, guides the project towards sustainability. Training:50 hours training is provided per person and qualifies participants for a V50 award. Training covers areas like Communication, Teamwork and Negotiation. Project Development: Over 4 months each project will receive over 40 hours support and fundraising help. Find out more here, www.mysi.org.uk

Amra Dautovic, Founder of MyTime CIC

My Time CIC started out in 2002 to provide a mental health service which was client and family centred. We are unique because we provide a culturally and faith sensitive counselling and psychological service that embraces all elements of a person without fear.  Peoples’ behaviour fascinated me and I love working in the psychological field. Before I joined the organisation I did a lot of voluntary work for the Central Youth Offending Team panels as a leader (2004-2008), and also volunteering with the Witness Service for the Youth, Magistrates and Crown Court (2006-2007). I am an optimist and believe that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it! Find out more here, www.mytime.org.uk

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