Future 100 Winners G-I

Kristina Maguire, Founder of Genesis Healthcare

Genesis Healthcare is all about caring and improving people’s lives. Improving health and wellbeing of community in Liverpool. Work with anxiety disorders and work stress from Cardiology to psychotherapy to GP. Genesis Healthcare also support Abbey Sefton Hospital on their events for Breast Cancer Charity and they are continually out in the community for charity all the time on events. Find out more here, www.genesiswellbeing.co.uk

Gerard Jones, Founder of Gerards School of Football

Gérard Jones, former youth professional footballer, founded the Gérard School of Football aged 19, which is now regarded as Britain’s leading specialist football & character development centre. GSF reached the Top 100 Best Business Start-ups List in UK 2010 and is now working in partnership with Arsenal FC Plc, third richest club in the world valued at $1.2billion, which see’s GSF operate Arsenal Soccer Schools, one of the largest soccer school programs in the world across 23 countries.

He inspires and increases enterprising behaviour among people throughout the UK as an ambassador for Enterprise UK along with increasing & improving children and young people’s physical and mental health, lifestyle and life skills, helping them to aspire and achieve. Find out more here, www.gerardschooloffootball.co.uk/

Tom Chance, Founder of Give A Car

Giveacar is a social enterprise that organises the donation of end-of-life vehicles to charity. Operating nationwide, the service has organised the donation of over one thousand five hundred vehicles since its creation in early 2010. Each car that is disposed of is recycled to high environmental standards, and the equivalent value in scrap metal is then donated to the charity of the donor’s choice. Higher value cars meanwhile are placed into salvage auctions.

Over two-hundred regional and national charities are affiliated with Giveacar, each of which supports the scheme and plays an active role in promotion.

The concept of car donation was unheard of in the UK prior to Giveacar’s development, and the project’s primary aim has been to establish it in the UK. It has opened up a new source of revenue for the charity sector, and helped to lessen the environmental impact of end-of-life vehicles. Find out more here, www.giveacar.co.uk

Edwin Broni-Mensah, Founder of GiveMeTap

Our IdeaGiveMeTap is the eco-logical way for people to stay hydrated on the go. Restaurant or café owners sign up as ‘Provider’ to supply free access to clean tap water to those who carry our branded life-time aluminium bottles. Using your PC or latest SmartPhone, our water providers can be located via our mapping service, keeping you hydrated throughout the day.

Find out more here, www.givemetap.co.uk

Neerja Vasish

ta, Development Manager of Global Generation

About Global Generation: Global Generation works with young people on youth leadership and vocational land based training while creating a replicable blueprint of what a sustainable future can be, drawing out the potentials

of urban areas. We engage them in environmental enterprise such as growing and selling vegetable on otherwise unused spaces, rooftops, and skips on developers’ land while providing opportunities for them to be catalysts for positive change within local businesses (Wolff Olins, Guardian News and Media, Argent). We develop perspective and build community by providing experiences for different parts of the community and employ an overarching methodology for our community building approach called I, We and the Planet. Find out more here,


Matthew Linnecar, Gnewt Group Limited

GnewtCargo (The trading name of Gnewt Group Limited) is the UK’s first 100% green freight forwarder. We specialize in urban ‘last mile; delivered of goods for third parties and use 100% electric fleet (currently 13 vehicles). We launched in November 2009, with office depot, global supplies company and have since added more well known clients. We offer a completely unique and innovative service enabling client to save money on their delivery costs as well as greening their supply chain. Find out more here, http://gnewtcargo.co.uk/

Nin Castle, Founder of Goodone

An award winning sustainable ladies wear fashion label. Find out more here, www.goodone.co.uk

Martin Edmondson, Founder of Graduates Yorkshire Ltd

Graduates Yorkshire is a social enterprise committed to contributing to Yorkshire by releasing the potential of graduates. Our core activity involves a number of activities that link graduates with employment and enterprise opportunity. This is achieved through a high quality jobsite, a paid internship programme and numerous other graduates development activities. We reinvest our profits into the ongoing development of graduates in the region.  Find out more here, www.graduatesyorkshire.co.uk

Verity Gill, Founder of Grannynet

Grannynet.co.uk is a social networking and information providing website for grandparents.

The website, which is first to market, is formed of two distinct parts. Firstly, the content which is mainly articles written around relevant subject areas such as activities and shopping for grandchildren. Secondly, there is the forum; an interactive community where grandparents can meet and discuss current issues. Extending this social networking side, the site has a blog, facebook page and twitter tweats.

In addition, we run grannynet.co.uk refresher courses for grandparents. The courses which are given by qualified midwives, are endorsed by Mothercare and aim to provide up-to-date childcare information for grannies including how to fit a child seat in a car (not as easy as one might think!) nappy choices and current methods of discipline. Course content will be provided online and course attendees will be able to discuss issues on the forum. Find out more here, www.grannynet.co.uk

Niina Hartikainen, Founder of Green Workshop

A unit in Granville Arcade, Brixton Village the beautiful original floor tiling dating from the time the Arcade was build in 1937 was unearthed by the owners of a new plant/ florist shop Green Workshop. The floor naturally became the main feature of the shop reminding visitors of the beautiful beginnings of the Arcade and the longevity of the market itself. This autumn Green Workshop received a start up award from UnLtd. for new social enterprises. The shop is focusing on locality and craftsmanship, promoting locally produced goods, organically cultivated plants and seasonal flowers. As well as selling locally grown plants and cut flowers sourced from the UK Green Workshop is stocking handmade soaps and ointments by a local artisan Amy Williams who crafts her products painstakingly over long period of time using the purest organic ingredients.

Lisa Stockton, Founder of Happy Kitchens

Happy Kitchens wants to be able to make decisions based on what is best for people and the environment, not for solely making money. We pay our staff, overheads and the day to day running of things. Then after that, the money goes to charity and to enable us to bring our message of health for the planet and for people. We run cooking classes with children showing how to prepare food with seasonal and plant based ingredients. We do fun things like looking at how foods have got here, where they originate and the people involved in their production. We talk a bit about organic and fair-trade as well in a fun and interesting way! Find out more here, www.happykitchen.org.uk

Yanik Beya, Founder of Imhotep Foundation Ltd

Care experienced led organisation who adopt an holistic approach through various projects designed; facilitated by and for underprivileged adolescents in the encouragement of self awareness; responsibility in making positive life choices, staying safe & achieving economic well being.

One of the many project Imhotep Foundations engages in, is the Awareness & Empowerment (A&E). Pioneering virtual cycle dependant peer education framework based workshop. Syllabus devised from a care experienced perspective covering fundamental subjects regarding awareness of individual’s role in society; choices, consequences, self empowerment techniques and self education. Find out more here, www.imhotepfoundation.org.uk

Ondre Johnson, Founder of Influence Designs

Influential, inspirational and individual – Ondre Johnson is all of these things and more .  The 21 year old law student designs his own collection of unisex jewellery, called Influence Designs.  After losing his mother to bowel cancer aged ten, he struggled with a lack of positivity in his life, but now is on a happier path with his creative chain collection.  Uniquely designed with the wearer in mind, the chains are custom made in various colours and engraved with writing as chosen by the individual.

Nikhilkumar Adhia, Founder of Inspower

Inspower is a grassroots youth led organisations that seeks to support youth in sourcing opportunities to give time in our communities through practical projects. Inspower also supports organisations in sourcing and retaining those who wish to give their time. Find out more here, www.inspower.me

Gregg Sanderson, Founder of Involver

We’re a social enterprise that helps young people learn about democracy by doing democracy in schools, colleges and local communities.

Our work helps the UK to be a “doing democracy”: where young people understand their world, and how they can change it.

Young people are learning that growing up in a democracy is only for those who are clever and confident, and doesn’t involve actions. Lots of schools reinforce this through tokenistic student voice and school council that don’t do anything. We set up Involver to challenge this. Find out more here, http://involver.org.uk/

Gavin Sherratt & Paul Court, Founder of It’s About Websites

IAW is a digital online marketing agency that likes to keep things simple. We offer a wide range of services including website design, online marketing (including email marketing and search engine optimisation), social media awareness and digital video production. Find out more here, www.itsaboutwebsites.com

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