Future 100 Winners D-F

Nicola Alexander, Founder of Daisy Green Magazine Ltd

Daisygreenmagazine.co.uk was started 2 years ago by a team of ordinary women looking to make a small difference in the media and environmental sector. The magazine is aimed at mainstream women but has a definite ethical twist. We write about products that we love, either organic, fair trade, locally hand-made, or companies who inspire us to make a difference. Daisygreenmagazine.co.uk is never preachy (we hate being told what to do ourselves) but appeals to any woman who loves fashion, beauty and living more ethically. Our wide range of product giveaways and discounts let us show case some of the most beautiful products on the market place. Daisygreenmagazine.co.uk has numerous sections including fashion, beauty, living, travel, goodies and reviews. We send out two weekly newsletters to a dedicated subscriber list of 27,000 readers. Find out more here http://www.daisygreenmagazine.co.uk/


Esmail Patel, Founder of Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship

A community interest company providing a first class advocacy service for Deaf and Disabled people by signposting them towards education and employment opportunities, by building self-confidence and encouraging a positive attitude, individuals can develop their ideas and achieve their personal goals.

We support deaf and disabled people at home and at work, and offer help and advice to those wishing to work with deaf people and support organisations that want to provide better services to their deaf and disabled employees and customers.

We provide a wide range of free support services to help deaf and hearing people communicate with each other in many different situations We work every day to break down the barriers faced by deaf and disabled people Although BSL has been deemed to be an official British Language, it does not share the same status as the spoken or written word, this means that many users of BSL do not have full access to information and services, including education, health & employment, we are working to change this. Find out more here, http://www.deaf-fellowship.org/

Martin Goodwin, Founder DICE (CIC)

D.I.C.E is a community interest company (CIC). D.I.C.E provides training and development opportunities focusing on working with Disabled Children and Young People. We specialise in working with children and young people who have Severe, Profound and Complex Needs including Autism.

D.I.C.E services include:

  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Advocacy
  • Participation
  • Products

We fund out advocacy and participation work with disabled children and young people by generating income through providing training, consultancy and research.

D.I.C.E aims to ensure the provision of responsive services that support disabled children and young people aged 0 – 25 especially with severe, profound and complex needs to have a meaningful and exceptional life by participating, being included and respected in their communities and services they use. Find out more here,www.disabilitydice.co.uk

Lucy Byrne, Founder of Dot Art Services

Dot-Art is made up of two separate but interlinked companies.

Dot-Art Ltd is an art gallery and consultancy based in Liverpool city centre, specialising in affordable, high quality, locally sourced art, on a sale, commission and rental basis, as well as offering a range of complementary services including; art consultancy, exhibition planning and implementation, bespoke framing, art valuation and restoration and artist sourcing.

Dot-Art Services CIC is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support North-West based visual artists, both emerging and established, through a range of services and activities designed to help them develop their careers and gain exposure and promotion for their work. A Social Enterprise with artists at it’s heart, dot-art Services CIC functions in a unique fashion, operating a membership system which gives artists a range of benefits including their own web page, access to exhibition, career development and promotional opportunities, as well as help and advice, networking events and discounts on art supplies and framing. Find out more here,services.dot-art.com

Paul Kilty, Founder of Eclectic Productions

Eclectic Productions (EP) is a leading Social Enterprise that uses media platforms and education programs to give people better skills, confidence and opportunities in life.

We consist of a highly skilled and experienced team of media professionals, teachers and specialists. Our focus is on inspiring people and building stronger communities alongside support from government departments, local organisations and public and private sectors.

Our flagship project Reprezent, is a youth-led radio station and media platform that inspires young people to fulfil their potential. Reprezent has received strong support from celebrities, politicians and funders and has been featured on Newsnight, Choice FM, Radio 4 and ITV London Tonight. For more information please visit the website: www.reprezent.org.uk

We also run a successful Adult Training Programme that combines Basic Skills, English Language and Personal Development. This programme gives people the confidence and skills to make better life choices and enables easier progression onto further education and employment.

Our passion and experience sets us apart, giving us the ability to engage a range of people, groups and organisations and find creative and innovative ways for them to communicate and better understand each other. find out more here, www.eclectic-productions.co.uk

Kirsten Jack, Founder of Eco Conceige

Eco Concierge takes the hassle out of being green for people who want to live more sustainable, but lead busy lives or don’t know where to start. We offer personalised solutions to enable our client to self-identity with the green agenda and follow their own journey.

Services range from a full lifestyle overhaul to ethical personal styling or home renovation and can be offered directly or through one of our successful corporate employee engagement schemes. Whether it’s switching to renewable energy, having a sustainable wedding/baby/holiday, insulating a home, stopping junk mail, buying a new boiler or reducing water use, Eco Concierge will find the best solution for their clients and get it sorted for them.

Our experts use unique, cutting-edge techniques to deliver these solutions and we are currently are the only company underpinning our central business model with DEFRA’s Pro-environmental behavioural segmentation framework. We don’t just provide standard services with minimal impact; we tailor our work to reflect individual values. Not only does this engage on a personal level, but it starts in process a new life perspective, which offers long term behaviour change and maximises positive environmental impact. Find out more here, www.ecoconcierge.org

Ellie Good, Founder of EggMag

EggMag Ltd was born in March 2009, and the magazine hatched pretty quickly afterwards in July. The company employs only one person – myself – but has had the invaluable help of some brilliant and enthusiastic freelancers and work experience people along the way.

I initially printed 6,000 magazines for Issue 1, rising to 6,500 for Issue 2, then 10,000 for Issue 3. 15,000 copies were printed for Issue 4 and 25,000 for Issues 5 and 6. EggMag has recently started working with King Lion Media who are now selling the advertising space, which means that for issue 7, there will hopefully be 50,000 EggMags in circulation.

We have many loyal followers on Facebook and Twitter and are constantly picking up new subscribers. In October 2010, EggMag was shortlisted for the London Lifestyle Awards ‘Best Green Contribution to London’ Award. Find out more here,www.eggmag.co.uk

Jenny Kelly, Founder of Elixir Foundation

Elixir Foundations CIC, established in 2008 as a social enterprise dedicated to creating opportunity for vulnerable adults. Elixir target groups include people recovering from addiction, ex offenders and long term unemployed.

Elixir Foundations Community Interest Company is a social enterprise with a commercially sustainable business model. We improve the lives of volunteers whilst offering high quality services to local businesses, in a way that maximises positive impact on the local community and environment.

Find out more here, www.elixirfoundations.co.uk

Jonny Gibaud, Founder of Emergency Food Storage Ltd

Jonny is a designer, writer and entrepreneur currently living in Liverpool. He is the co-founder of EFS Ltd, launched in 2008 which focuses on being the leading supplier of emergency food and water storage solutions to customers around Europe. You can find out more about him on his personal site, www.jonnygibaud.com or Find out more here, www.thelifething.com


Emma Gliberry, Founder of EMMALOVESRETRO

EMMALOVESRETRO specialises in homewares that are handmade with love from recycled vintage fabric. I hand-pick all the fabric which is used for the cushions, re-covering furniture and bespoke roman blinds, fabric that is unwanted and would once have been destined for landfill. All my products are handmade in the UK with love, to a very high standard. Unlike mass-produced high street products emmalovesretro cushions are made in small limited editions.

Whilst keeping one foot firmly in the past I am looking towards the future growth of the business and with my passion for retro prints I am working on my own range of ‘mo

dern vintage’ textiles and surface pattern. Find out more here, www.emmalovesretro.co.uk

Tom Ravenscroft, Founder of Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise (EE) was started in 2009 while I was a comprehensive school teacher in Hackney and becoming increasingly worried by the failure of schools to equip students for real life. A non-profit CIC, we partner with schools and top businesses to build students’ skills, aspirations and enthusiasm for learning.

Through EE, teachers put more young people on the path to success – with confidence and skills to generate ideas, develop plans, take decisions, lead teams and communicate persuasively. We do this by providing teachers with teaching resources and training to deliver our year-long courses in their classrooms. We also organise termly trips to take students into businesses to demonstrate the value of what they’re learning in the classroom for the rest of their lives.

Our unique approach and effectiveness have been recognised with two national teaching awards and backing from corporate supporters and foundations. In this, our second year, we will work with 110 teachers and over 3,500 students across London, Manchester & Nottingham. Find out more here,www.enablingenterprise.org

Raj Dey, Founder of Enternships

An Enternship is literally an Entrepreneurial internship – a placement in a small, rapidly growing business, where daily tasks go far beyond the traditional realms of filing documents or just listening in on meetings. These placements offer authentic responsibility in environments that let entrepreneurial individuals flourish. For the companies hosting the Entern, they get access to a pool of hungry, ambitious young achievers looking to make an impact. It’s the perfect match. Find out more here, www.enternships.com

Alexander Jarvis, Entrepreneurs Club UK

Entrepreneur Club UK (ECUK) is a new business networking club launched in Liverpool in 2010. A new age of networking has begun in Liverpool and is set to take the UK by storm.

ECUK was born with the vision of connecting like minded business people. People who can visualise potential markets in the UK. ECUK is a business service for entrepreneurs regardless of what stage they are at in their career.

Our aim is simple, create a network of like minded business people to promote individual entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurs are the visionaries who grow and drive this country forward and Entrepreneur Club. Find out more here, www.entrepreneurclubuk.co.uk


Laura Rudoe, Founder of Evolve Beauty Good Venture

Evolve is a range of effective, organic and eco friendly beauty products. Our aim is to create beautiful, affordable yet eco friendly, ethical and healthy alternatives to mainstream products. The range is certified organic by ECOCERT, the international organic standards body, which means every ingredient, our organic formulas, packaging and product labels have been verified as healthy and eco friendly by an independent 3rd party. Our products are 99%+ natural and are guaranteed to be free of nasties, totally eco friendly and ethical.

Our award winning bottles are made from 100% recycled milk bottles and are fully recycle-able. All of our products are manufactured in the UK within 200 miles of London. The range is certified cruelty free and vegan.

Developed by Laura Rudoe, the former head of Operations and Development at premium natural range nude skincare, evolve was launched just over 12 months ago, 4 months after the birth of her first child, Daniel. The business is run from home as a “virtual business” and although it only has 2 direct employees, it works with trusted UK manufacturers and fulfillment partners to handle large scale production and dispatch to some of the UKs top retailers. Find out more here, www.goodventures.co.uk


Reginald Orme, Founder of Fallout Factory

Fallout Factory’s aim is to create a vibrant arts centre, bringing back an existing or disused building to new heights of self expression, improvement and development, while retaining the

soul and character of what went before. Fallout Factory will provide a studio space for graduates, schoolshe community. We will provide an art social networking system and facilities needed for e, artists and txhibitions, workshops, lectures, group meetings and much more.

Fallout Factory is a Liverpool based social enterprise and arts organisation created for the purpose of inspiring people involved in creative arts. Our intention is to both support and facilitate development within the arts and creative industries within Liverpool and the Merseyside area. As a social enterprise, we aim to re-generate local buildings and areas through a development of culture and the arts.

Through a range of supportive activities and initiatives, Fallout Factory seeks to enrich the lives of others and provide new opportunities for self-improvement, progression and jobs in the creative sector. As an organisation, we want to bring Liverpool’s art and cultural scene into a new decade with the development of new artists, art initiatives, public involvement and schemes to improve the area and are history. Find out more here, www.falloutfactory.com

Katie Alcott, Founder of Frank Water

Katie has always had an interest in international issues, specifically related to access to drinking water – sparked through personal experience and teaching within a community school at the age of 17 in Jammu & Kashmir, in Northern India. In 2005 Katie came up with the concept of FRANK Water through which she could raise awareness of world water issues – saving lives by installing clean water systems and being pragmatic by initially raising funds through the sale of bottled water in the UK.

Winner of numerous awards, Katie now focuses her time on the charity side of the business, FRANK Water Projects, which will have funded clean water projects in over 58 villages benefiting over 450,000 below poverty line villagers in rural India by 2010.

Find out more here, www.frankwater.com

Charlie Osmond, Founder of Fresh Networks

Charlie is a co-founder of FreshNetworks, a social media agency. FreshNetworks is Europe’s leading provider of online community software and services, helping brands engage with customers to drive advocacy and increase sales.

In 2008 FreshNetworks won the HBOS / Sunday Times £5M London Entrepreneur Challenge. Before FreshNetworks Charlie worked in Interactive Marketing at P&G and co-founded and grew FreshMinds, a business services firm, twice named UK Market Research Agency of the Year.

Charlie’s personal accolades include London Entrepreneur of the Year, Esquire Magazine UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Carlton Young Business Person of the Year and Real Business Magazine “One to Watch”.

Charlie is a fellow of the British American Project, a member of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) and holds a Masters in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University. He’s an occasional blogger and in his spare time keep fit for his annual triathlon (one’s enough) and competes as part of the FreshMinds sailing team at international match-racing regattas. The team recently reached a ranking of 28th in the world. Find out more here, www.freshnetworks.com

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