Future 100 Winners A-C

John Chard-Young, Founder of Adrenaline Alley

Adrenaline Alley provides a safe and secure environment for young people to participate in urban sports such as BMX, Skateboarding and skating enhanced by a broad range of outreach learning and training projects for young people. Borne from grass roots we are now the leading provider of urban sports in the UK and work with a range of partnerships to create a sustainable enterprise with a £1.7m expansion ready to start in 2011. Sadly, John passed away in September 2010, his inspiration and dedication cascaded throughout the organisation – it is  his  legacy along with the new John Chard-Young Music Fund  which will target particularly disadvantaged children to provide music tuition, instruments and transport.

Find out more here, http://www.adrenalinealley.co.uk/

Maria Schonfeld, Founder of Akosia

Akosia funds and facilitates structured cultural projects for underprivileged children around the world who have had little exposure to the limitless possibilities of their own creativity. We believe that children have all the answers, it is our job is to ask the right questions and to provide the necessary tools to create something that they can be proud of and that will inspire them in the future. We involve creative professionals -filmmakers, musicians, writers, artists – and teachers in our projects to build an environment in which the children are guided through a creative process using their own initiatives and ideas.The children learn practical skills through which they can express themselves and these skills help build their confidence, nurture their imagination and are with them for the rest of their lives. Find out more here, www.akosia.org

Nick Proctor, Founder of Amber Energy Consultant Ltd

Amber Energy Consultants work with businesses to control, manage, and reduce their business energy costs. Put simply- we provide Energy Efficiency to our clients- which we define as ‘paying as little for your energy as possible, whist using as little energy as possible’. Our passion is providing a fully integrated service where clients are educated and costs managed downwards. We consult on every part of an energy bill so our clients are aware of what makes up their total costs. Our metering services combine well with this education and information service to provide online consumption guidance and analysis. We save businesses a great deal of money by managing their purchasing strategies. Considering changes in the markets alongside their business model- since a three year purchasing strategy does not suit a business wishing to increase their production in year 2 (for example). Find out more here, www.amberenergy.net

Amisha Ghadiali, Founder of Amisha Elegance Rebellion

Amisha is an exciting independent jewellery label presenting eclectic pieces that embody romance and timeless elegance whilst hinting at the spirit of passion and rebellion that come with just seeing where life takes you…The collections are made up entirely of limited edition pieces, each one a unique arrangement of handcrafted silver and semi-precious stones. Each design carefully combines the colours and properties of the stones and crystals used to produce jewellery that complements and enhances the natural beauty of the wearer. Amisha strives to build strong connections between business and communities and in a step that reflects the positive ideals expressed in the designs themselves, is proud to donate ten percent of the profit to carefully selected local and global charities. Amisha means, literally, someone who spreads ‘the sweetest elixir of the heavens’ all around her, and it is this spirit of vitality and radiant positivity we hope will be instilled in every piece of jewellery so that it will be carried by the wearer and shared wherever she goes. Find out more here, www.amisha.co.uk

Emily Shenton, Founder Arrival Education

Arrival Education is the UK’s leading ‘through-the-line’ talent development business, developing business leaders alongside young people from challenging backgrounds in the competences, skills and attributes to thrive in the unpredictable economic and social landscape of the 21st century. They work across a range of different sectors – with global brands through to UK based SMEs – challenging and supporting people in developing the mindset and skills required for sustainable personal and professional success. For young people, many of whom have been written off by those around them, their four year talent development programme ‘Success for Life’, is a super highway to economic and community success. AE seeks to challenge perceptions of talent and provide innovative, value-adding solutions for businesses, whilst creating waves of positive social change. Find out more here, http://www.arrivaleducation.com/

Richie Tonstall, Founder of Batala

Batala Liverpool is a non profit community project with over 80 members from across Merseyside. Ritchie Tunstall, a professional musician is the musical director and co- founder the band since 2005. Ritchie has seen it grow more and more over the years. The group welcomes all adults to come and learn drumming and dancing in the style of Samba-Reggae, no matter their level of ability or experience. Part of the groups aim is to break down social barriers by bringing people together through music and learning to accept one another trhough the Batala community ethos.

Find out more here, www.batalaliverpool.com

Nicola Woods, Founder and Creative Director of Beautiful Soul



Beautiful Soul is an eco-aware, luxury label with a primary focus on womenswear that also designs and carries a capsule menswear range. The label has a strong following including international model and VOGUE.COM contributor, Laura Bailey, world-renowned model and actress, Lily Cole and the Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron, to name but a few. Based in London’s Notting Hill, the label has gained recognition for its creative, intelligent and open-minded approach to design. Nicola Woods, founder and creative director of Beautiful Soul was trained at the prestigious London College of Fashion and was short-listed for the Hospital Club 100 Award 2010 in association with the Independent Newspaper, won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s NNOVATION Award in 2009, and was a finalist at Fashioning the future 2009. Beautiful Soul has attracted mass press attention through involvement in major fashion exhibitions including London Fashion Week and Interestoff Asia in Hong Kong. “I design with a compassionate outlook. Beautiful Soul is evolving with a strong commitment to transparency and a belief in a business that treats people, planet and profit with equal importance.” Nicola Woods, founder of Beautiful Soul. Find out more here, http://www.beautiful-soul.co.uk/


Carlo Montesanti, Founder of Bee Guardian Foundation

The Bee Guardian Foundation (BGF), previously called Global Bee Project, is a unique educational project that connects knowledge to actions. By raising awareness about the importance of the 20,000+ different bee species worldwide (and over 250+ that exist in the UK), the BGF enables and empowers individuals, communities and organisations, to become “Bee Guardians (BG)” able to actively promote bee diversity which directly benefits biodiversity, health and well-being. Find out more here, www.beeguardianfoundation.org

Rachel Collins, Co-Founder of Bidability

In five years time we aim to employ a team of bid experts specialising in tenders and funding applications. We will be working mainly with social enterprises and SMEs but will also work with larger corporates (the profits from which will help to offer affordable support to social enterprises and small businesses. Through our involvement in the SROI network, over the next 5 years we will play a key role promoting and regulating the use of SROI analysis as a tool for social enterprises to demonstrate added value in their bids. One of our big ambitions is to establish a consortium of social enterprises to bid for public sector contracts, and another is to offer training opportunities to graduates and apprentices to address the shortage of skilled bid writers, who can then go on to work directly for the organisations following their training. Find out more here, www.bidability.co.uk

Alex Handy, Founder of Beyond Profit

Beyond Profit is a careers and entrepreneurship society providing a student forum for the rapidly emerging social and sustainable business movement. We aim to inspire, inform and aid a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. We aim to connect professionalism and enterprise with ethical incentives to demonstrate to young, talented students that making money and making a difference are not mutually exclusive. We run practical ‘hands on’ workshops and provide exclusive access to a network of resources that will support students looking to pursue a meaningful career or start an ethical business. Find out more here, www.beyondprofit.org.uk

Shaun Gurmin, Founder of CHARGE

CHARGE is recognized as a Multi-Award Winning Student Social Enterprise. Our aim is to Improve Students: Employability; Network; and CV. To achieve this we organise a variety of Business Visits, Careers Events, Fun Days, and regularly published E-Magazines. We also arrange Opportunities for students to get involved through Volunteering. Find out more here, http://www.charge-wlv.co.uk/

Claudia Polo Aguilar, Founder of Claudia Polo

Our mission is to run a successful social & global enterprise in order to readdress social and environmental issues by being a strong, cutting edge Fair & Ethical trade designer label. We have carefully selected and combined only the crème de la crème of Ecuadorian talent, resources and elements and taken them to British standards. We are therefore bringing the best of one great beautiful nation to another. Our products just speak for themselves! Find out more here, www.claudiapolo.com

Nicko Williamson, Founder of Climate Cars

Climatecars is an environmentally friendly car service. We cover the whole of Greater London, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use only low emission hybrid vehicles with the highest standards of service including leather seats, complimentary newspapers/magazines and Belu mineral water. Our drivers are licensed by the public carriage office and trained by Climatecars.

Over 65% of our fleet are new model Toyota Prius with emissions of 89g/km. In addition we offset 100% of Climatecars emissions through the Carbon Trade Exchange. We work with many large and small companies across London who use Climatecars as an alternative to black cabs or other standard car services. We accept account, credit/debit card and cash bookings. Find out more here, www.climatecars.com

Karen Hastings, Founder of Cupcake Mum

Karen Hastings is the founder and MD of Cupcake, a members’ club and spa for mums and mums-to-be. As she reached her 30s and her friends began to start families, Karen observed a gap in the market for a place where expectant mothers and people with young children could go to socialise and feel part of a community. Karen created the unique concept of Cupcake, raised £1.4m and project-managed the site build from a concrete shell into what the press calls “a utopia for mums and mums-to-be”. Karen now leads a team of 23 employees and 30 contractors for the two Clubs and she is opening the 3rd Cupcake club in Parsons Green, London in January 2011- and plans to open 7 more clubs over the next 4 years. Find out more here, www.cupcakemum.com

Anthony Ganjou, Founder of CURB

We founded CURB in September 2008 to provide the media and creative industry with a range of effective sustainable and natural options that could work alongside or instead of traditional advertising. We help our clients get noticed by their target market while minimizing the impact on the environment. Most importantly we are about creating fun engaging communications that amaze people while building a business we can be proud of! We are: a media company, passionate about nature and environmental issues. About innovating and delivering sustainable and natural mediums that work. Experts at operational and technical production. Committed to natural communication and helping brands minimize their media choices environmental impact. Inspiring a new way of thinking about sustainable and green marketing, Fun (when selling grass, crop circles and bacteria you can’t be too serious).

Find out more here, http://www.mindthecurb.com/

To view D-F Winners 2010 click here


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