Future 100 Talent – A-Z

Emma Gliberry, Founder of EMMALOVESRETRO

EMMALOVESRETRO specialises in homewares that are handmade with love from recycled vintage fabric. I hand-pick all the fabric which is used for the cushions, re-covering furniture and bespoke roman blinds, fabric that is unwanted and would once have been destined for landfill. All my products are handmade in the UK with love, to a very high standard. Unlike mass-produced high street products emmalovesretro cushions are made in small limited editions.

Whilst keeping one foot firmly in the past I am looking towards the future growth of the business and with my passion for retro prints I am working on my own range of ‘modern vintage’ textiles and surface pattern. Find out more here, www.emmalovesretro.co.uk

Laura Kate Chapman, Founder of Laura-Kate

I’m Laura Chapman and I’m an illustrator currently living in Liverpool. I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2008 with a first class degree in Graphic Arts. I would describe my illustrative style as lovingly meticulous. I like to weave intricate patterns into my work as I feel that it is attention to the little details that can be most captivating. More than anything I’m trying to create a visual world that gives the mundane a more magical feel and above all else I want my illustrations to make people smile. Find out more here, www.laura-katedraws.com


Sabian Muhammad, Founder of Why Do

Sabian is youth worker and he came up with the idea for the Why Do service, which he felt it would help bridge generation gaps.  He has brought together a group of around 50 young people hope to dispel common adult misconceptions about why teenagers act the way they do via a new online advice site. The volunteers, aged between 16 and 25, will field questions about any aspect of youth behaviour, ranging from the appeal of low slung jeans to text talk. The Londoner was given help to develop the site by mobile phone company O2. Find out more here, www.whydo.co.uk/o2/


Shiko Sondergaard, Co-Founder of 4 Wings

4Wings (for Women in Need of Good Skills) is a start up social enterprise based in Liverpool offering a range of life and job skills as well a social network and supportive environment for socially isolated women and ultimately female survivors of domestic violence. The enterprise was founded in 2009 by Shiko Sondergaard, Geri Ganeva and Keshi Makridis who identified a gap in the services offered to the aforementioned women. Find out more here, www.4wings.co.uk



Viviane Williams, Wakeup Campaign

Viviane Williams entered this competition to showcase her business idea ‘Wakeup Campaign’. She also knew that she would have the opportunity to be at a boot camp with other entrepreneurs so thought it would be a perfect chance to meet new people and work in teams.

Wakeup Campaign is a Social enterprise striving for equality, development and sustainability
in both the developing and developed countries, raising awareness by stimulating and awakening 
people’s social consciousness by using engaging techniques such as; role playing, design activities, 
craft workshops and selling tool kits. What makes Wakeup Campaign distinctive is that it uses art/design as an engagement tool to discuss development issues, rather than the common stereotyped imagery of poverty being seen on TV. www.wakeuponline.blogspot.com



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