Future 100 Talent – L-W

Vicky Lloyd, founder of NEDay Crafts.

NE Day Crafts is a unique, but fun creative arts business for children of all ages and abilities. NE Day Crafts allows each child to express their own individuality and encourages a child’s fine motor skills. 

We run creative workshops in Sure start Centres, which have received a positive response. Te NE Day Crafts business profile has increased with great speed, as we offer a completely unique service and bespoke Creativity Kits.

Find out more here www.nedaycrafts.co.uk

Anna Lowe, founder of Innovonix 

Innovonix is developing Water-Rays, a solar-powered water pump to allow subsistence farmers in developing countries to irrigate their crops. Our expertise, innovation, and competitive advantage lie in two complementary functions

The first is the engineering of the product itself, which incorporates elegant solutions to the engineering challenges, as any technology product must.

The second is the engineering of the supply chain – which gets the product to the end user at an affordable price, while providing both jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs in the communities through which the product passes.

Find out more here www.innovonix.co.uk

Sonalle Maroo, founder of Sonalle Photography

Sonalle thirsts for a deeper knowledge and understanding of universal life and society.

She travelled alone for almost ten years through Europe, Asia and Latin America observing and participating in the kaleidoscope of cultures and sights encountered.

Now driven by the desire to transform her journey, Sonalle is progressing, through her photographic narrative, in order to communicate what is frequently left unsaid; to deliver an insight into that detail we may not always perceive, or that we sometimes try to ignore.

Find out more here www.sonalle.com

Dalibor Ojkic, foundre of VIDI media. 

VIDI Media is an Ethical Outdoor Media Company that encourages meaningful engagement between property owners, local authorities, advertisers and third sector organisations to make a positive impact to local people’s lives.

VIDI Media provides prime outdoor advertising opportunities to media agencies working with big blue chip companies. It offers high visibility outdoor advertising locations on construction and refurbishment sites, where scaffolding or hoardings are prominent, at highly competitive prices.

VIDI Media redistributes profits to local third sector organisations that are working to actively improve their communities. This holistic approach to media is unique in large format outdoor advertising in the UK.

Find out more here www.vidi-media.com 

Menka Parekh, co-founder of the Secret Seed Society. 

Secret Seed Society gets children excited about food that is healthy, tasty and eco-friendly. We produce storybooks set in a fantasy world called Seed City where vegetables live and play. These books come with organic seeds, instructions and a recipe too to bring out the intuitive gardener and cook in all of us. Children of all ages can sign up to the Seed Agent Club online to receive seasonal food missions.

We exist to inspire positive food habits and choices from a young age, by engaging children at home, our books and seeds making growing your own food a family affair. We have calculated that each Seed Agent, by creating a small shift towards more local, seasonal, and organic food, can save up to 7 tones of carbon per annum.

Find out more here www.secretseedsociety.com

Rahul Pramanik, founder of the Agent of Change. 

Agent of Change is an entrepreneurial experience design firm. Literally speaking, it means designing experiences that people go through in any domain of life be it commercial or social

As change itself is an ever-changing thing, the mode in which we bring about change is kept fluid and dependent on the experience being explored for change. Using a blend of intelligent research probes, co-design, focus design & empirical field testing, Agent of Change ensures that the experience being design is meaningful, effective and most importantly brings about the change that is desired.

Most people know how important or valuable certain experiences are in their life, but what they don’t know is that these experiences can be designed and that is precisely what we are good at!

Davina Roberts, founder of Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods.

Punch and Juicy Liquid Foods is an innovative Social Enterprise, selling healthy and nutritious liquid meals sold in handy 250cc sized bottles, sold retail and at Punch and Juicy Stalls. 

Find out more here www.punchandjuicy.org



Alexander Ross, co-founder of Team Up

Teamup is a new way to organise your sport and to make other active plans.  To be launched soon.

Find out more here www.teamup.co.uk

Marcus Simpson, founder of Direct Sitters.

Direct Sitters is a London based house sitting service that provides CRB/police checked and insured sitters to wait for your delivery or servicemen. The service supports employers to reduce employee absenteeism as staff now, no longer have to take time off for such tasks, whilst employees can save their holiday for well earned breaks. The service has been supported by large corporate organisations, who are committed to supporting their staff and managing work/life balance in the most effective way.

Magali Theron, founder of Nobunto, fair trade gifts and accessories.

Nobuntu is an online fair trade shop offering fair trade products & gifts such as handcrafted jewellery, beautiful ladies bags including black evening and sequin bags and accessories scarves from 100% silk. Decorative interior accessories such as African inspired art; tea light candelabras and recycled products that make good green gifts are part of our home range.

Find out more here www.nobuntu.com

Catherine Webster, founder of Muddy Boots

Muddy Boots’ Business Assistance has the aim to provide an affordable assistance service to small, rural businesses.  Being overwhelmed with the amount of fantastic products and services created locally, ‘Muddy Boots’ offers marketing, promotional and event based support to these businesses.

Catherine is also hoping to start a portfolio of business based events with a focus on showcasing locally produced products and strengthening the local economy, such as hosting a local food ‘banquet’ to celebrate local produce.

Nicola Woods, founder of Beautiful Soul.

‘Beautiful Soul’ is a high end women-wear label and has gained recognition for its creative, intelligent and open minded approach to design, winning the Ethical Fashion Forum Innovation award, and was a finalist at the Fashion of the Future Summit. In addition, ‘Beautiful Soul’ has just been shown at the London Fashion Week and at Interstoff-Asia International fabric and trend show promoting sustainable fashion design. The collections are produced in London, by a registered women’s project and my intention is to provide ongoing training and build a lasting relationship with my team. In addition, embellishments and accessories are hand-made by a small cooperative (Umdoni Creek) that ‘Beautiful Soul’ set up in South Africa in 2008.

Find out more here www.beautiful-soul.co.uk

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