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Caroline Ashcroft, Director of Thanks to Ltd.

Our mission is to make a dramatic difference to communities by encouraging everyone to thank those who make our lives better. You may want to thank someone who has changed (or even saved) your life or someone who has influenced your life in a positive way. Imagine how that teacher, nurse or business mentor would feel being thanked publicly for what they’ve done. We want all those truly remarkable people to be identified through Thanks-to for being outstanding in what they do and recognised for their valuable contributions.

By thanking someone you can guarantee a smile, by helping us champion those that truly deserve public recognition we’ll change the definition of high net worth. We hope you’ll join us in making a real difference. 

Find out more here www.thanksto.com 

Dan Atkins, founder of Intensify Youth. 

Intensify Youth’s aim is to transform young people’s lives in the coolest ways imaginable.  Our projects are designed to engage and empower young people, to help them believe in themselves and to then promote achievement and success.

We hope these will promote young people’s talents and will have them focusing on more positive goals and aspirations.   

Find out more here www.intensifyyouth.com

Waqas Baggia, founder of Student Enterprise Network. 

SEN’s strategic mission is to promote innovation, enterprise, and leadership in students from the West Midlands. We believe that through creative development of our members we can establish a culture of innovation and entrepreneurism within the region. 

Find out more here www.studententerprise.net

Colin Beattie, co-founder of Tuxebo Ltd.  

Tuxebo brings transparency and competition to this $46bn market by allowing users to easily request quotes from local rental companies, which then bid against each other for the work. This saves time and money from the alternative of calling round the companies individually; the average potential saving is 40%.

We initially launched in two focused verticals, UK scaffolding ($2bn market) and UK dumpsters ($10bn market), with promising results. Our aim is to reduce wasteful consumerism and increase focus on the rental marketplace. 

Find out more here www.tuxebo.co.uk

Paul Beckford, co-founder of Aspecks.


Aspecks is a social enterprise that has three main branches; it is an evolving creative endeavour, a social community (interacting via a shared blog) and lastly, a business that designs and prints t-shirts (as well as printing commercially for other businesses, campaigns and individuals). It is focused on the ideology that, regardless of difference, all people are equal members of a global society. We believe that the exchange of culture, knowledge and skills increases compatibility between social groups and subcultures – much like music and sport have done. 

Find out more here www.aspecks.com

Ben Colclough, co-founder of Tourdust  

Tourdust sells locally-sourced adventure holidays and cultural tours.   We carefully handpick and review the best specialist local operators, always favouring those who can give the traveller a real sense of the place.  Travellers can research and book directly with these local operators on the Tourdust website.

We are committed wholeheartedly to promoting local tours and holidays provided by small local operators. 

Find out more here www.tourdust.com

Andre Campbell, founder of Enfuse Youth Ltd

Enfuse Youth is a social enterprise providing youth education and further consultancy services and to 13-25 year olds, with a special focus on 13-19 year olds.

Enfuse Youth is dedicated to making young people enthusiastic about the possible career options available to them by providing clear, comprehensive and impartial guidance, training and opportunities to access employment, self employment or pursue post-secondary education.

 We provide engaging and fun programmes, especially tailored to young people’s needs. Our professional trainers and mentors ensure young people excel during our sessions and are able to learn from young entrepreneurs and business professionals.  

Find out more here www.enfuseyouth.com

Sara Han, founder of Trashed Couture 

Trashed Couture is an ethical clothing brand, producing recycled clothing made from locally sourced second hand garments of denim, suiting, khaki and vintage fabrics. The styles focus on wearable, couture inspired garments, created to be unique, yet affordable, stylish and eco friendly.

Second hand garments are sourced from local charity shops, then deconstructed and completely reworked into new fashion forward styles.

Trashed Couture also offers a customisation, alternation and re-working service to clients who wish to bring in their own garments for ‘recycling and revamping’.

Find out more here www.trashedcouture.com

Mathew Hill, founder From me 2 U.

To compliment the student’s independent use of the books there will also be structured lesson-plans, intended to probe the reader’s understanding and application of the stories.

James King, founder of Find Invest Grow. 

Find Invest Grow (FIG) offers a pragmatic new approach to investing in young entrepreneurs. FIG works with young entrepreneurs, specifically undergraduates and graduates of the past five years, to see them crystallize their ideas, support them through the development of their business plans and introduce them to suitable investors.

FIG offers these suitable investors, known as FIGureheads, access to our unique website to browse and precisely filter investment opportunities that are of interest to them with a view to investing themselves or to offer their expertise as part of a management team. 

 Find out more here www.findinvestgrow.com  

Theodore Larn Jones, co-founder of TGT Education Ltd.

Language Plus+ Primary was established as part of TGT Education. Our goal is to transform the language learning environment in the UK. We passionately believe that all students should be able to utilise native speaking assistants and enjoy all the benefits they bring to any school. We work in partnership with schools to fulfil their foreign language requirements and help them excel in languages. Find out more here www.language-plus.com

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