Future 100 Winners M-Q

Sophie Mei, founder of Sophie Mei Schools

Presenter, actress, dancer and young entrepreneur Sophie Mei set up her company in her own name last year after her belly dancing skills lead her to the semi-finals of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent 2008.  

She is a registered sole trader who regularly performs as well as teaches belly-dance workshops, motivational speaking and peer educator in drama/relationships and sexual health. She has now added two new strands to her business ‘Mei Entertainment International’ (M.E.I) and ‘Sophie Mei Schools’.  

M.E.I acts as an agency to provide belly-dancers and performers for a variety of events and workshops as well as founding the ‘Theatre of Belly-dance’ troupe (a group of 18-26 year olds that fuse tribal and cabaret styles of belly-dance to promote and encourage more young women to belly-dance and socialize doing positive things other than drinking).  

Find out more here www.sophie-mei.net  

Eiman Munro, founder of Top Careers Ltd

Top Careers is a national project that aims to create greater awareness of opportunities that young people can access. We want to inspire all young people to aim high and explore what ever opportunity they want to explore. Top Careers is part of a larger project to promote educational card games into classes.  

Find out more here www.top-careers.co.uk    

Simon Nash, founder of Green Oil UK.

Green Oil UK makes environmentally friendly bike maintenance products. Fundamentally, they are all biodegradable and safe for your skin. This is a long-shot from the traditional Teflon packed toxic chain lubes and bike sprays used by many.

All our products had recycled paper labels. Now however to scale up, we have plastic labels made out of the same type of plastic as the bottle, making recycling more efficient. Our next batch of bottles for 2010 will be made out of 100% recycled plastic.   Green Oil UK also sell a range of solar powered and dynamo bike lights. These charge during the day, and turn on at night to keep you safe.

Find out more here www.green-oil.net

Paul Nicholson, founder of Loxwood Consultancy

Loxwood is a leading national energy consultancy. Loxwood Consultancy is a cost sensitive and client care focused business offering domestic and non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates and also Display Energy Certificates. Furthermore the business is also at the forefront of the sector in providing Home Information Packs to clients throughout the UK. Loxwood Consultancy has a large national customer base, ranging from large plc’s to independent developers, including administrators/receivers, auction houses, lawyers, developers, estate agents, commercial agents, surveyors, retail and leisure companies and property consultants. The business is run by the management team who have been involved in the Real Estate Sector market for many years.

Find out more here www.loxwoodconsultancy.com

Chris Padden, founder of Incerts

Incerts is an online assessment platform for teachers to record judgements of their pupils’ attainment. As a social enterprise, Incerts is working to transform assessment strategy on a local, national and global scale.

Once teachers have recorded their judgments, Incerts provides diagnostic information about the strengths and weakness of individuals, groups and classes. This informs curriculum planning and ensures teaching is matched to pupils’ needs. Curricular targets generated in simplified language show pupils their next step and suggest areas for improvement, encouraging ownership of their learning journey. 

Find out more here www.incerts.org

Martin Parsonage, founder of the Indigo Foundation

The INDIGO Foundation was established in response to a local need for the provision of comprehensive diagnostic tools, advice and training for people with dyslexia and people working with dyslexics.

The enterprise is not for profit and best described as a social enterprise. We are accredited Investor in People and Matrix award.

Find out more here www.4dyslexics.com

Mark Peters, founder of Start Again

The aim of Start Again is for young people to develop their personal, spiritual and social development, enabling them to lead a fuller life in their communities. They work with young people suffering from mental health issues and engage them in sport and career support to help re-establish their lives on a better footing.

Find out more here www.start-again.co.uk

Dot Pinkney, Director of Tripbod

We believe that life should be full of adventure, exploration and having fun. To take wonder in the world around you is what living is all about. Tripbod is all about travelling in your own way – we enable you to get away from the crowds and to get more out of the place you’re visiting.

Tripbod is all about getting personalised information from the most trusted source – a local person on the ground in the destination – your friend at the other end. 

Tripbod does not replace the guidebook, the blog, or travel review sites, but we provide that added extra, which saves you time and money by helping you get straight to the information you want. The connection is completely unique as it is one-to-one and online.

Find out more here www.tripbod.com

Dom Potter, founder of Internocracy Ltd.

Internocracy is a not-for-profit organisation which has two core aims: to raise the quality of internships in the UK, and to ensure that internships are more accessible and open to people regardless of their background. To do this, we work with employers to design, structure and I.SIP accredit their internship programmes, and we campaign – led by our network of interns past, present and potential in lobbying politicians and policymakers – for change in the internship system in the UK.

Our profits are ploughed back into our campaigning and practical programmes for young people. We are currently running a national ‘Interns’ Campaign for Change’ and developing Proper Job Clubs and a Summer Internships scheme. 

Find out more here www.internocracy.org

Chris Quickfall, founder of Invate Ltd.

Invate is a disability services company specializing in the provision of Assistive Technologies and training on their use.  Invate supports disabled individuals in either education or employment, with the remit of breaking down technological barriers so that they can compete on an even field to non-disabled individuals. Invate has three primary product streams: production of bespoke computer systems with pre-installed specialist software and hardware; retail and trade distribution of specialist hardware and software; and finally specialist training on the use of specialist software.Find out more here www.invate.co.uk

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