Future 100 Winners L-M

Dan Lewer, founder of Carbon Retirement Ltd.

Since its launch in 2008, Carbon Retirement has provided a market redefining form of carbon offsetting. The mainstream carbon offsetting market has not delivered customer confidence and positive environmental outcomes. This is reflected in negative media about carbon offsetting projects and scepticism among many potential buyers. However, there remains strong demand from individuals and companies wishing to be ‘carbon neutral’.

Carbon Retirement is designed to address this gap. We have developed a robust and effective form of carbon offsetting, plugged directly into the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme.

Find out more here www.carbonretirement.com

Carl Mannion, founder of Neet Future CIC.

NEET Futures CIC is a community interest company meaning that you are dealing with an ethical organisation that is both fully audited and returns profits to the local community.

At NEET Futures we believe in opportunity for all working with individuals who have long term barriers to employment:

At NEET Futures CIC we offer accredited and bespoke training. This includes training for front line employees LSC, ESF and JCP funded organisations and vocational training, personal development training and client-learner assessments.

Find out more here www.neet-futures.org.uk

Jen Marsden, founder of Jen Marsden.

I am a London-based journalist, author and editor with a specialist focus on green and ethical lifestyle issues. I am available for freelance writing commissions for both print and online media, editorial, project consultancy and speaking engagements.

Specialist areas  include fair trade, ethical fashion, organic and natural beauty and eco interiors, however I like the spice of variety too.

Find out more here www.jenmarsden.com

Robert Matthams, founder of Shiply.com.

Founded in 2008, Shiply.com matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway. Over 25% of lorries run completely empty of cargo and over 50% run only part-full. By enabling consumers and businesses to make use of this spare capacity, Shiply.com dramatically cuts down on CO2 emissions, increases the profitability of transport companies and saves the consumer up to 75%. Shiply matches you with thousands of green transport companies already making similar trips.

Sad Facts – 25% of Lorries on Britain’s roads run empty, resulting in an un-necessary 36 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. That’s 7.2% of the UK’s carbon footprint – an enormous waste.

We makes use of this waste by matching consumers and businesses with eco logistics providers who have capacity to spare. Since June 2008 we have saved 4,554,155 miles – that’s about 182 times around the world! And over 2,136,552 kg of CO2 – that’s about the same as you flying from London to New York 3,514 times!

Find out more here www.shiply.com

Kevin Matthew, founder of Fitness For Your Future.

FFF is a research based company who are dedicated to improving the psychological, social and physical well-being of children and adults.

FFF uses a practical and theoretical approach to educate students both physically and mentally, promoting positivism and self-confidence as well as physical development and weight loss. 

Our aim is to lead the way in dealing with the ever growing problems of obesity, low self-esteem and self-image, thus improving the physical and mental state of health in our classrooms and out in the community. We have been helping individuals since 2008.   

Find out more here www.fitnessforyourfuture.co.uk

Ben Matthew, founder of Bright One.

Bright One is a volunteer-run communications agency for the third sector. Our team is on hand to offer charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations affordable yet effective PR and communications campaigns. We help organisations get their messages heard and offer resources so they can focus on core activities.

Bright One solves two problems: Third sector organisations get professional communication services at a low cost and inexperienced PR and communications people get the skills and mentoring they need from seasoned professionals. Bright One’s profits are reinvested, allowing us to grow and subsidise third sector organisations that otherwise might not benefit from professional PR and communications services. Established in 2008. 

Find out more here www.brightone.org.uk

Liz McDowell, founder of  The Otesha Project UK.

The Otesha Project UK is a youth-led charity formed in 2007 that uses the arts and sport to mobilise young people to create social and environmental change through their everyday actions.

Through the intense experiences of our cycling & performing tours, youth-led projects and advocacy training, we’re developing young leaders across the UK who use the practical skills learned through Otesha to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, take action on global issues like climate change and poverty, and start their own projects which encourage their peers to do the same.

Find out more here www.otesha.org.uk

Stephanie McLaren, founder of Twenty%Extra.

Twenty%Extra is a creative agency that offers Advertising, Brand Strategy and Identity, Digital Interaction and Design services to third and public sector organisations.

We are a social enterprise that invests time and profits in supporting young people and communities, providing creative workshops and youth training. We provide practical opportunities for young people to get involved in creating, designing and leading on their own campaigns.

We take it upon ourselves to address immediate and long-term social issues while educating and engaging various audiences.  

Find out more here www.twentypercentextra.com

Ben Meaker, co-founder of Nice and Serious.

Nice and Serious is a film production company with a difference. Our goal is to bring sustainability to life by working with responsible organisations. In summary, we creatively communicate environmental and social issues by making engaging films.  

We have produced a number of environmental education videos for schools. The Appetite for Action series, which featured Professor Planet, was distributed to over 2,000 primary schools in the UK to teach children about a range of environmental issues.

Find out more here www.niceandserious.com

Amisha Miller, founder of Nu Magazine Ltd.

Dedicated to uncovering the best in ethical fashion – vintage, recycled, organic, fairly traded, sustainable materials, locally produced – Nu is a seasonal magazine, bringing you great clothes and accessories to see you through the year. We are committed to bringing you the latest:

– Fashion trends
– Ethical clothing, accessories and beauty products
– Ethical news

 Find out more here www.numagazine.co.uk

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