Future 100 Winners H-L

Christine Hope, founder of Hopes of Longtown.

Hopes of Longtown started in 2001 as a one man band operation of Christine Hope wanting to keep local community & spirit alive after the village shop had closed. Foot & mouth had in that year devastated the income in the area and many people were carrying mental scars not visible to many.  The closure of the village shop was not just a service lost but another mental scar of what had happened.

Renting the closed down premises (on a percentage of turnover) Hopes of Longtown was started, within two years it became a partnership on a new site and in 2004 had built brand new premises meeting new customer expectations and being compliant with disability standards to include everyone and a turnover of quarter of a million from nothing.

Find out more here www.hopesoflongtown.co.uk

Sabirul Islam, founder of The World at your Feet

The World At Your Feet follows a vision to ‘inspire, educate and provide opportunities’ for young people to grow their aspiration within the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship. With inspiration being the base of getting young people to see the bigger picture,

The World At Your Feet has published 2 books which has sold thousands of copies to schools, colleges, universities across the UK and the World to get young people to develop the intensity within self belief and be motivated to achieve success. Sabirul has been running this since 2008.

Find out more here www.theworldatyourfeet.com

Kirsten Jack, founder of Eco Concierge. 

Eco Concierge- it does what it says on the tin. It’s a hands on, lifestyle management service for people who want to be greener but do not have the time or know-how to make the change.

Our mission is to have a net positive effect on the world. In all operations we are authentic, honest, transparent and fair.

Find out more here www.ecoconcierge.org

Kasim Javed, founder of Money For Your Phone.

‘Money For Your Phone’ offers the consumers of the UK to earn up to £300.00 by recycling their old mobile phone(s) on our website. We offer a simple, easy to use service for customers to simply make their order, send us their phone, and await their payment which they receive within 3 days. We offer the most competitive prices compared to other mobile phone recycling companies. 

Electronic waste is a growing concern for all of us. As more and more consumer electronics are discarded, it is important that we take responsibility by reducing our impact on the environment by recycling as many of these electronic items as possible.

Find out more here www.mfyp.co.uk

Steve Jenner, founder of Virtual Festivals

I set up Virtual Festivals to unite people with a passion for music festivals and to help connect up the industry, which was previously a fragmented mess. Virtual Festivals’ impact in this respect has been phenomenal.

The marketplace has exploded tenfold (over 4 Million people in the UK attended a music festival this year) and festivals are now mainstream entertainment. Virtual Festivals’ forums have allowed event organizers to get instant feedback from their audiences and to involve them in creating the events.

Virtual Festivals was the first website in the world to use the revolutionary Yottaserve ultra low-carbon emitting web servers. As such, the site accounts for less than half the carbon footprint than other websites who do not use this. In February of this year we launched My Greener Festival – a prominently positioned channel of the site dedicated to educating our users on how they can be more environmentally friendly at festivals, and back at home.

Find out more here www.virtualfestivals.com

Noorin Khamisani, founder of Outsider Fashion

Inspired by fashion but designed to be classic, wearable and beautiful, Outsider garments can be worn and loved season after season.

We manufacture our garments in the Indian subcontinent. We have ensured the working hours and conditions are of a fair and high standard. There is no child or slave labour. The factory is working towards recycling all its water within the next two years. By manufacturing in the Indian subcontinent we have the opportunity to work with developing countries through trade as well as being able to offer our customers competitive prices without compromising on quality. We aim to use fabrics sourced locally to the factory where possible to minimise on transportation and the resulting carbon emissions at this early stage. For example AW09 we have sourced Organic Cotton from India and Linen from China.

Find out more here www.outsiderfashion.com

Leonie King, founder of Panchachuli UK

Leonie is the UK Agent for the Panchachuli Women Weavers Co-operative founded in 2005. In 1997 the meeting of two remarkable women, Dena Kaye and Mukti Datta, led to a handful of village women being trained and mobilised to dream of a better life of social and economic empowerment, through the formation of the “Panchachuli project” for women weavers under the auspices of the Jan Jagaran Samiti, a registered NGO of Almora District. Today more than 800 women are involved in the co-operative. The proceeds from sales of products is the sole source of income for the women who own and manage the enterprise.

Find out more here www.panchachuli.co.uk

Tom Latchford, founder of Raising IT

Raising IT empowers third sector organisations by providing charities with powerful tools across web, mobile and social networking technology. The aim of Raising IT is to enable third sector organisations to raise more funds and awareness online. The business draws together entrepreneurs from successful technology backgrounds, including executive management members from Attenda and BiW Technologies, who are now focussed on making a difference to charities struggling in the recession and facing problematic prospects.

Raising IT is currently working with organisations such as UNICEF, SANE and Dyslexia Action to raise the effectiveness of their web presence.

Find out more here www.raisingit.com

Richard Leighton, founder of We Create

We Create* offers young people around Birmingham the opportunity to gain access to qualifications and commercial experience in Fashion Design. We Create* funds its running and development by retailing designs its participants create, through an online and physical shop in Birmingham that retails fashion labels designed by local young designers.  The shop also retails designs developed by participants on We Create*‘s courses.

Find out more here www.wecreate.org.uk

Nina Lemon, Peer Productions

Peer Productions is a unique youth arts training company specialising in peer education through theatre and film.

Based at Woking Youth Arts Centre in Surrey, they train young people (aged 16 to 24 years) as actors and peer educators empowering them to deliver a series of drama and film projects in the community. Each year they tour theatre in education performances to schools, colleges and youth clubs in Surrey and beyond.  They create innovative film teaching resources for use in schools, colleges and youth groups, and provide film outreach projcts in holiday and term time for youth clubs, training organisations and schools. 

They also run an inclusive youth theatre for those aged 8 to 23 years and a number of successful after school drama clubs.

Find out more here www.peerproductions.co.uk

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