Future 100 Winners A-C

1pict.jpgVanessa Augustus, founder of Social Solutions Academy

The Social Solutions Academy offers a new model of working and provides a platform for creative thinkers to plan sustainable and outcome focused public services. The Academy is a programme designed to facilitate social change by connecting innovators such as local residents, public, private and Third Sector executives and professionals working across Greater Manchester.

Social Solutions Academy was founded to support the communities in control legislation and policy.

Find out more here www.socialsolutionsacademy.co.uk

2pict.jpgNatalie Barnwell, founder of Eco Ezee Limited

Eco Ezee specialises in creating innovative products made from waste material, in particular waste pulp. The family run business, designs, manufactures and delivers ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly products by utilising waste and bi-products from other manufacturing processes that could otherwise create a waste disposal problem. Eco Ezee strives to replace, where feasible, consumer products that continue to deplete the world’s natural resources.

Find out more here www.ecoezee.com

3pict.jpgYael Biran, founder of wishawish.com

Wishawish offers customisable e-cards for all forms of communications.

E-cards are great for the environment: No paper, no fuel, no transport, less time, no stamps, no envelopes, less ink. Our e-cards are created by a great team of animators from 16 different countries making our collection of over 120 customizable cards unique and innovative.

We are simply making the green option the best option.

Find out more  www.wishawish.com

4pict.jpgMatthew Blackbourn, founder of Polon

Polon is a copywriting studio. Our clients get cost-effective copywriting and direct contact with a writer who knows their business. We help organisations find the right tone of voice to tell their stories persuasively. We are passionate about helping sustainable companies communicate sustainable messages.

We also invest some profits into Triodos Renewables, a wind, hydro and tidal company.

Find out more here www.polon.co.uk

5logo.jpgJonathon Blyth, founder of FOTONOW SW CIC.

FOTONOW is a South West UK based Community Interest Company, which creates new opportunities in photography that engage diverse audiences.

The company runs as a social enterprise focused upon developing photographic research and practice alongside increasing commissions, publishing, exhibition and education opportunities.

Find out more here www.fotonow.org

6pict.jpgJames Brown, co founder of Red Button Design.

Red Button Design is an enterprise that seeks to design, develop and implement products that empower those traditionally dependent on humanitarian aid.

We aim to go beyond the typical ‘donate and forget’ approaches by building sustainable, locally owned infrastructure to manufacture, assemble and maintain the products we supply. Red Button Design has been conceptualising new, innovative ways to empower developing nations since 2007.

Concepts and designs such as the ‘ROSS’ award winning 3-in-1 water purification, transport and storage unit illustrates their enthusiasm to innovate products helping the developing nations.

Find out more here www.thisisredbutton.co.uk

7pict.jpgJamie Buchanan-Dunlop, founder of Digital Explorer.

Digital Explorer is an educational social enterprise that works to foster a greater sense of global citizenship and responsibility. Our work makes powerful connections between young people in the classroom and urgent global issues.

We do this by taking specialist teams to places such as the Middle East and Antarctica. When teams are in the field they make micro-documentaries on a daily basis and broadcast these back via satellite in real-time to thousands of pupils.  We try to promote young pupils as leaders and communicators within their networks. Digital Explorer was founded October 2007.

Find out more here www.digitalexplorer.co.uk

8pict.jpgLaura Cave. founder of Just Trade.

Just Trade imports and sells fair trade jewellery and accessories. We support fair trade projects through all stages of their development by giving valuable business and design advice, as well as providing them with a long term route to market. Our products are fairtrade and based on collaborative design using locally sourced materials.

Our design process is of fundamental ethical importance. People with limited skills are trained in design and craft techniques to use with their indigenous materials such as seeds, hemp, Fair-Trade cotton and recycled materials. Laura established Just Trade in June 2006.

Find out more here www.justtrade.co.uk

beecycle.jpgKenneth Cheung, founder of Beecycle Limited.

Recycling is no longer just a trend. It is now part of life. Fortnightly collection, waste separation and food waste collection schemes are being adopted all across the UK. Our company is here to provide education and solutions for households, schools and businesses with their food waste. We also provide information on new emerging technologies and products across the world which can be adopted to divert food waste from landfill. Kenneth formed Beecycle ltd in 2007.

Find out more here www.beecycle.co.uk

10pict.jpgKelvin Cheung, founder of  Foodworks UK.

FoodWorks combines young volunteers, surplus food and a free kitchen space to create nutritious meals for people affected by food poverty.

The idea is simple.  Food retailers throw out millions of tons of edible food every year due to supply overstock.

The aim of Foodworks is to redirect this food so it can be used to cook nutritious meals for people in the local community that do not have access to healthy foods for a variety of reasons, such as lack of income or knowledge of healthy nutrition.

Find out more here www.foodworksuk.org

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