Future 100 2011 Winners – Full Summary

Acorn Marketing  Lisa Coates
  Acorn Marketing is a creative marketing consultancy based in Penrith, Cumbria which aims to help organisations understand effective marketing techniques and achieve business growth. The business is all about planting the acorns of creativity, adding the essential elements for growth, and nurturing those acorns into mighty oaks. In other words…working closely with clients to find the best marketing solutions for a business and ideas to make these a reality and a success. Acorn Marketing specialises in the creative industries, arts, culture and heritage as well as tourism and travel trade. I advise on marketing strategies and plans, promotional literature, business development, advertising, branding, communications, websites, social networking and public relations. I talk to people on their level and in a way which they understand to ensure they get the best from their marketing campaign.
Acorns Pre School (cleator moor) ltd  Marie Tattersall
  Acorns Pre School is a modern setting offering a fresh perspective and innovative approach to childcare. Operating from purpose built facilities in a renovated industrial unit, it boasts unrivalled facilities for 24 children between the ages of 2 to 8 years, 7 am to 7 pm for 52 weeks per year. Our comprehensive service includes after school and holiday care plus ‘back up’ emergency childcare for when the best laid plans go awry. A full catering service is on offer boasting solely organic, fair trade produce and children are educated in a holistic manner, with French and Yoga sessions implemented by fully qualified practitioners. Nursery Cam and videophone entry systems bring Acorns to the forefront of modern technologies with a fully equipped ICT suite for children. A learning shelter, performance stage and conservation area ensure cildren are educated in an eco sensitive manner, Acorns has just been awarded an eco schools award for it’s ethical aproach and solar panels will be fitted shortly to continue our commitment.
amberEnergy  Chris Proctor
  Amber Energy Consultants work with businesses to control, manage, and reduce their business energy costs. Put simply- we provide Energy Efficiency to our clients- which we define as ‘paying as little for your energy as possible, whist using as little energy as possible’. Our passion is providing a fully integrated service where clients are educated and costs managed downwards. We consult on every part of an energy bill so our clients are aware of what makes up their total costs. Our metering services combine well with this education and information service to provide online consumption guidance and analysis. We save businesses a great deal of money by managing their purchasing strategies. Considering changes in the markets alongside their business model- since a three year purchasing strategy does not suit a business wishing to increase their production in year 2 (for example). We are unique in our approach and integration into businesses- no one else goes as far as us to ensure our clients needs are met. Our continued relationships with our clients are second-to-none- we ‘trial-&-test’ new products for reducing energy consumption to provide regular recommendations and insight for the Amber Energy business community.
Art Below  Benjamin Moore
  For the fifth year running Art Below thrive on providing artists with access to advertising space in the London Underground where nearly 2 million people travel every day. Our mission: To enrich the everyday life of the traveling public by giving fresh insight into the very latest in art, illustration, photography, fashion, whilst at the same time providing a platform for emerging talent. Such exhibitions involve taking over entire walkways, escalators, platforms and passenger lifts, at home and abroad in Berlin and Tokyo with further expansion planned for 2012 in USA and Asia. We run an ongoing creative membership program where benefits include being able to choose exactly what London tube station you would like to have your work displayed in and for how long.
At Home on the Earth  Gemma Jerome
  At Home on the Earth provides environmental education opportunities for children, young people and families in some of teh country’s most deprived neighbourhoods. By empowering people to look for ways in which they can become more connected with their local environment, through outdoor play, urban agriculture, and sustainable land management, At Home on the Earth is creating a social impact which has the environment at its heart. Our activities also encourage personal development and community cohesion by equipping famililies with tools for resilience in a period where financial insecurity and environmental fragility are high up on everyone’s agenda, regardless of where they live or how much they earn.
  ATELIER-MAYER is a concept dedicated solely to the global phenomenon of 20th- century vintage. Inspired by the late Klaudia Mayer (my grandmother), an Austrian haute couture tailor whose atelier was originally founded in 1927 in Vienna, the company has updated Madame Mayer’s heritage to the 21st century in the form of a luxury online boutique ATELIER-MAYER.COM, and a showroom gallery in London. ATELIER-MAYER sources exceptional pieces with a contemporary edge from dealers, collectors and specialists around the world. In addition, visitors have access to a vast encyclopedic volume of information about designers, decades, icons and all relevant fashion exhibitions, specialist sites and published literature, which are linked to aide research and education. ATELIER-MAYER.COM is a pioneer and the future for global vintage fashion online.
Atelier Tammam  Lucy Tammam
  Atelier Tammam is a renown couture label offering a unique bespoke eco-couture service, ensuring every aspect of our supply chain is monitored for sustainability, environmental impact and with consideration to human and animal rights. We are the top couturier for bespoke ethical bridal wear. Tammam was also the first eco fashion label to launch a ready to wear bridal range. Selected to showcase at the Luxury Wedding show London, cited as one of the designers in the running to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and with a growing celebrity following Tammam is set for success in 2012.
ATP Worldwide Ltd  Ben Hodson
  We started with a social enterprise called A Thin Place in 2008 and became a Limited company in 2010 called ATP Worldwide Ltd. The primary focus of the social enterprise is to use creativity to bring about positive change or as we like to put it: A place for creativity in community, peace making and social change through the arts. This has both a local and international focus. We primarily work in Luton, London and the home counties, however, we have received commissions from all over the UK, Central Europe and the Middle East. We are passionate about using our talents to bring about positive change to the world around us. We have completed a number of projects for NGO’s and overseas organisations. This includes working in Iraq, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, China and Brazil. We look to bring creative solutions to social problems.
Bad Pony Media Ltd/Bad Pony Television  Frank McGowan & Michelle Martin
  Bad Pony Media Ltd/Bad Pony Television is a forward thinking new digital media Production Company based in Glasgow. We specialise in our own unique creative content for both broadcast television and online and are proud to have a unique Scottish flavour. We are set to launch our own full interactive Bad Pony TV™ channel in 2012 which will broadcast online, on-demand, via mobile and direct via interactive television (GoogleTV, YouView) as well as our own dedicated satellite/Freesat channel. Bad Pony TV™ at its heart has strong a environmental and community driven mission statement. All broadcast IA/IP is owned wholly by Bad Pony Media, allowing us many revenue streams to allow us to be sustainable and highly profitable. The production of shows in Scotland will bring a much needed boost jobs and jobs to the Scottish Creative Industry.
Bloom Microventures  Lain Heringman, Malte Hoepfner & Felix Baden-Powell
  Bloom Microventures, is a non-profit, social enterprise (UK registered charity) currently operating in Vietnam. Our vision is to revolutionise the way people travel in the 21st century by providing an opportunity for travellers to improve the lives of extremely marginalised people in the places they visit and. Objectives: i) Provide poverty alleviating low-interest microcredit to marginalised women in developing countries living below the poverty line ii) Create a new way for travellers to authentically experience the local culture, create a meaningful lasting connection to local people, and ultimately, make a difference by improving livelihoods in the visited community Solution: Pioneering a unique model that harnesses the power of pro-poor tourism with microcredit, cross-subsidizing low-interest microloans with income from our microfinance tours.
Bright Star Public Relations Ltd  Bieneosa Ebite
  Bright Star Public Relations helps organisations to tell their story, raise their profile and connect with the people that matter the most to them. We value diversity and place this at the heart of our business, which means that we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to our work. We appreciate that each client’s needs are as diverse as the people they seek to engage and this enables us to be versatile and creative in our way of thinking. We are one of the few UK based PR consultancies to offer a strategic approach to help organisations to understand and connect with the UK’s Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Ultimately, we work in tandem with an organisation’s business plan to ensure that we tell their stories, raise their profile and connect with people in a way that is relevant, consistent and authentic.
Brite Green Ltd  Darren Chadwick
  Brite Green is a sustainability strategy consultancy with a difference. We help clients understand how to use sustainability as a route to business improvement; reducing costs, managing risk and opening routes to new markets and products. We have developed a comprehensive range of services that help clients step one to implementing robust and effective solutions. We are committed to achieving effective outcomes, both for business and the world around us, and believe that they are completely connected.
Compare the Uni  Jason Gibbs & Yash Bheeroo
  Comparetheuni.com is an innovative comparison website aimed at prospective university students. With the increase in tuition fees implemented by the British Government it is extremely important that potential students are able to compare universities efficiently before spending up to £9000 on tuition fees. Our website makes comparing universities easier and less time-consuming with the integration of league tables, a unique head to head system, hidden gems, as well as a-z course lists for every university in the UK! Whilst most importantly our website is completely free for prospective students. By using our head to head system a prospective student can compare universities side by side for tuition fees, average rent, rankings, employment rates and even male-female ratios! In addition, we have obtained licenses from The Times and The Guardian and therefore students can view both university and subject league tables on our site.
Cause4  Michelle Wright
  Cause4 was formed in May 2009 to support charities and social enterprises as development and fundraising partners across the community, arts, sports and education sectors. The business has flourished in two years. Cause4 has some 26 clients ranging from national charities wanting to reappraise their approach to fundraising, to smaller charities and social enterprises wishing to make a step change in growth. Cause4’s sales and marketing function is run through our blog – http://www.cause4opinion.co.uk Cause4 has been a success in just over two years and the ambition does not stop there. We have recently launched a new Philanthropy Service targeted at top artists and sports people. Our service is a professional, one-stop shop to start, define and grow charitable giving and through effective fundraising enables individuals to at least triple their investment. Current clients include the Rio Ferdinand Live the Dream Foundation and boxer Richie Woodhall’s Fight for Change Foundation.
Charlotte Rutherford  Charlotte Rutherford
  What Charlotte Rutherford Consultancy does: *Reduces Unemployment *Encourages individuals to progress in life/business *Promotes Community and Social inclusion *Promotes community regeneration At Charlotte Rutherford Consultancy we have/are creating a trusted brand that helps individuals to reach their full potential by gaining employment, going into training or starting their own business. SpecialtiesEmployability Skills: CV Writing and Designing, Application forms, Interview Techniques, Self-Esteem, Self-Motivation, Confidence, Communication, Customer Service, Team Leading and Self-Employment
Children of Addicted Parents and People  Emma Spiegler
  COAP Children of Addicted Parents and People is an award wining unique charity. Established in 2006 by Emma Spiegler to provide a service she desperately needed as a child – advice on how to deal with an addicted parent. We are a safe space – an online forum where young people can talk without the fear of saying things out loud. We bring young people who thought they were alone, together with others who know just what it’s like. We provide totally free professional services including mentoring and counselling for those who are most in need. With our unique online peer led support model – we are reaching out to young people previously living in fear and without support due to the shame and secrecy of family addiction.
Claudia Cahalane  Claudia Cahalane
  I have been a freelance journalist for the past five years since leaving a two year stint as features editor on an environmental trade magazine, and, prior to that, two years as editor of a charity website. I am a journalist/ copywriter who is heavily focused on social and ethical issues. My ambition is to get people to think about their social footprint as much as their environmental one and to continually draw attention to a more positive type of business that can help to improve society. I write for the Guardian Social Enterprise Network, the Guardian Voluntary and Community Sector Network, other Guardian sections, socialenterpriselive.com, Community Transport Association magazine, Positive News magazine, Ethical Living magazine, and more.
Concept Cupboard  Chris Dodson
  Concept Cupboard is an online marketplace with a social purpose that allows businesses to buy creative services from the UK’s next generation of creative talent (namely students & graduates). It’s a win win situation for both parties. Businesses get to work with the best up-and-coming creative talent & don’t have to pay huge fees to agencies for the privilege. Plus students get an opportunity to show what they can do, build their portfolio for better job prospects & earn money while they are studying or looking for work. The service works by allowing the business to post their project on our site. Then any creative interested in the work will pitch for the project. The business then chooses their favourite entry and works with that creative to finish the project. The business pays the creative at the end of the project.
Credus Consulting LLP | Carve Productions | SmallFrog IT  Aaron Carty & Darrel Eve
  The brand Aaron Carty is a combination of three diverse businesses offering different products and services. Aaron Carty himself focuses on promoting individuals of all ages to strike out and pursue their passions. Carve Productions is a TV and videography company specialising in documentaries and corporate and entertainment videos, working with such companies as Channel 4 and 4talent. Credus Consulting LLP is a Financial Planning and wealth Management Company, specialising in the clients within the media industry who are either self employed, contractors or have their own businesses with over 100 clients. SmallFrogIT is an IT company helping individuals kick start their IT needs from websites to using social media, to large IT project management and consultancy. The idea that all three individual businesses within the Aaron Carty brand can help you at any stage with your business or personal growth is what makes all three works together, yet stand-alone successfully.
Cundey Systems  Mark Hayward
  Cundey Systems Ltd is the UKs sole manufacturer of log debarkers and peelers. These machines are used to strip the bark from a log prior to a point being put on the log to create a fence post. The Cundey brand is known throughout the forestry industry as being synonymous with quality and expertise. The current iteration of the company was formed in 20010 through an acquisition of the assets of Technorton Ltd.
Envision  Phillip Kerry
  Envision is a youth empowerment charity that has operated youth social action programmes in schools and colleges since 2000. Envision works with a broad spectrum of young people, including those who may not traditionally get involved in youth volunteering activities – offering young people from diverse inner-city backgrounds the opportunity to identify and tackle issues they feel passionate about. Our programmes build valuable skills and knowledge for action and advocacy through first-hand exploration of citizenship and social action as it applies practically to their lives and local communities – thereby creating the next generation of future leaders.
Fair Grounds  Nina Carter-Brown
  We are a fair trade social enterprise based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and work according to strict ethical values and principles, ensuring no one is exploited at any stage. We aim to show that global business can be conducted in an ethical way. Working with individuals, families, communities and co-operatives in 8 countries, establishing long-term trading relationships, sourcing fair trade and recycled gifts, jewellery and homeware directly from them, which we retail and wholesale in the UK, always telling consumers the stories behind the products. We want people to be able to make informed ethical consumer choices. The other very important aspect of the enterprise is educating young people in Bradford about global issues of injustice.
Fifi Bijoux  Vivien Johnston
  Fifi Bijoux uses ethically mined and fairly traded precious metals and precious gemstones. We operate a strict policy on this for all our suppliers of raw materials and sundries. Fifi Bijoux Ltd believes in spending time and care in securing suppliers who share our vision that human rights must be respected and upheld and that environmental impact should be minimised. Currently, we work with projects in South America for gold and platinum. Every Fifi Bijoux product is designed in-house to bring you key looks for each season. Design is paramount to Fifi Bijoux, we complete regular trend predictions, update colour palettes and track development in fashion movements .
Flavour Magazine  Annika Allen & Leonard Foster
  Flavour Magazine is a brand with the power to influence the minds and hearts of the youth in the UK. It enables young adults to realise their potential and provides work-based opportunities to cultivate their creative talents alongside media professionals. It is a solid and robust self-funded business, started solely by directors Annika and Leonard who together are a truly inspiring force. Promoting a 360 model to readers and advertisers, they have built a trustworthy brand. In addition to the bi-monthly magazine, they run a website, monthly events and offer sponsorship opportunities. The Flavour writers and designers are exceptional in how they empower, inspire and educate with the optimistic mantra that difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week.
FreshTeam  Matt Smith
  FreshTeam – The social enterprise helping organisations to connect with young people. We’re a consultancy firm that helps professional organisations build bridges with young people, whether it be a council trying to distribute information on their youth programme, a housing association consulting with their younger tenants, or a media company aiming a campaign at the younger generation, we provide support on how best to do this. Along with this, we run workshops. Sometimes to adults about how to connect with younger tenants, and sometimes direct to other young people for a bit of inspiration, guidance on funding bids, or simply how to set up a project, business or social enterprise. Our final product is youth proofing, where convert information from an organisation into a more accessible format, whether it be invitations to an event, the results from a consultation plan or a business advertisement.
Fund ‘R Venture  Aashish Parmar & Andrew Cropper
  Fund ‘R Venture is an innovative fundraising platform aimed at creative and social organisations. We use a concept known as crowd funding to raise money for various different ventures. The idea is basically a large number of people pooling their money together to back a particular idea/ venture. Creators who have an idea/ venture for which they need funding, can post it onto our site. In return for contributions from fans, friends, family and the general public, creators of the venture give non-financial rewards. We also offer another avenue to funding – private funding. We have developed expertise in raising funds for social businesses through public funds and we have also developed a currently small network of angel investors.
Future Foundations  Jon Harper
  Future Foundations designs and delivers a wide variety of one day and multi day residential programmes either on-site at schools or off-site at inspiring residential and non-residential venues.  Our programmes range from a One-Day GCSE Step-Up Day to a three-day residential GCSE Revision Weekend and from a Sixth Form Induction to Leadership Training.
Ginger Training & Coaching  Sarah Lloyd-Hughes
  Public Speaking training with a twist – Creating speakers with passion and authenticity who speak from the heart. The emphasis is upon filling the world with more inspiring speakers who speak out against injustice, wherever they see it, and stand up for what they see as true and important in the world. Rather than the traditional ‘tick-box’ approach to building skills, our programmes develop people from the inside out, based on idealistic qualities the most inspiring speakers possess. With fearlessness, passion and authenticity, public speakers can make a real, positive impact on the world.
global tolerance  Simon Cohen
  global tolerance, founded in 2003, is a leading communications agency driven by people who live to make a difference and successfully sell positive stories. We help non-profits, charities, social enterprises, NGOs, communities and individuals communicate in any way we can to whomever they really need to reach; people with a heart and a conscience. To do this, we use PR (personal relations), inspirational marketing, online media and communications training. Unlike other communications agencies, we champion media ethics around the globe, and try to be the media we wish to see in the world. global tolerance values the needs of our clients and their stakeholders equally. We always try to tell the truth, and uphold the integrity of everyone in the stories we share.
Gossip School  Natasha Devon
  We provide self-esteem classes aimed at 14-18 year olds to schools and colleges throughout the UK.
GUBA  Dentaa Amoateng
  The Ghana UK-Based Achievement (GUBA) awards is the brainchild of popular TV personality Dentaa. Dentaa is the host of OBE TV’s hit multi-segmented entertainment programme The Dentaa Show. Beginning in the summer of 2006, OBE aired The Dentaa Show, an engaging talk show which features interviews with prominent players in the Ghanaian and Nigerian entertainment industries, and discussions on relationships, business and culture.
Herd Communications Ltd.  Neil Ramsorrun
  Herd is a socially responsible digital communications company, founded in November 2010 and based in Kings Cross, London. We are a small team of strategists, creatives and techies all working towards three common goals: 1. To deliver cutting edge digital communications services to private, public and third sector organisations; 2. To use a percentage of our profits and our technical and creative skills to support social improvement projects; 3. To increase the diversity, and therefore the productivity, of the UK’s creative sector by offering training and work opportunities to people who are currently under-represented in the industry.
Hub Commercial Ventures CIC (and Student Hubs)  Adam O’Boyle
  Hub Commercial Ventures is a community interest company founded by Adam O’Boyle in 2010 to help fund the activities of the charity Student Hubs through sustainable revenue streams. Student Hubs is a registered charity co-founded by Adam O’Boyle in 2007. HCV currently employs over 35 people, most of whom are catering staff in the Turl Street Kitchen. Student Hubs currently has 18 full-time, paid staff. With £1.15m loan financing, in late September 2011 Hub Commercial Ventures CIC opened the doors of its first venture: a 9,000 sq ft newly refurbished building in the centre of Oxford. The first building of its kind in the UK, it is the new home of the Oxford Hub and houses a commercial café-bar-restaurant – the Turl Street Kitchen – 35 desks for student-facing charities, events and meeting space. As sister companies, in universities across the UK, we are working to transform student involvement in charitable and socially entrepreneurial activities.
Inspired Sisters  Fajer Rabia & Richard Jones
  Based at the heart of Longsight, in one of Manchester’s poorest but most culturally diverse local communities, Inspired Sisters is a social enterprise that was established in March 2003 to meet the need for women only provision. The aim of Inspired Sisters is to reduce social exclusion and overcome isolation. We support local people facing difficult circumstances due to ethnic origin, religion, culture, disability or unemployed. We provide very practical needs led support to overcome the different barriers they face, such as cultural, economic, social, transport, language or childcare. We provide a wrap-around service, offering emotional and social support as well as IAG and more formal learning, drawing on services, activities and skills already in place within our staff team and within our wide ranging partnership networks.
in-spireLS Magazine  Sasha Bennett
  In-spireLS Magazine is a on-line magazine dedicated to promoting positivity and inspirational messages to its readers. Since its launch in 2010. In-spireLS has featured individuals from diverse industries in the form of interviews. Wonderwomen for women and Supermen for men. We have highlighted the hard work these individuals have done and share the story of their quest for success and drive to succeed with others. There is no other magazine on-line that does what we do and we have accumulated over 100,000 unique visitors and over 6 million hits and continue each month to enhance, motivate and encourage the lives of others.
Internocracy  Becky Heath
  Internocracy is a non-profit social enterprise which has two core aims: to raise the quality of internships in the UK, and to ensure that internships are more accessible and open to people regardless of their background. We work with employers to design, structure and I.SIP accredit their internship programmes, and we campaign – led by our network of interns past, present and potential – in lobbying politicians and policymakers for change in the internship system in the UK. Internocracy’s business model is highly innovative. By working with organisations to build their internal capacity around internships, we generate revenue whilst working to raise standards in internships across the country.
Invincible  Jordan Kensington
  Invincible was created in 1999 with support from the Princes Trust as a media, marketing and events company. The media arm of the business, publishes magazines such as Chelsea Monthly, Los Angeles Monthly, Invincible Magazine and the UMA magazine whilst the marketing arm looks after the buying and planning for brands wishing to target the 18-30 demographic. Clients include: Footlocker, Panasonic, Corona Extra, Mac Cosmetics, Kickers, Samsung Mobile, Timberland, British Airways and many more. Our events arm, produces the Urban Music Awards in six countries, National Reality TV Awards, British Music Week and the International Football Awards.
Journalista  Holly Sutton
  Journalista is a change maker. By harnessing the power of communications and relationships we work closely with people and organisations to open minds, inspire positive actions and challenge preconceptions. As a creative communications agency, Journalista creates campaigns from the spark of an idea through to the thorough evaluation of impact of our activities on an organisations’ success. Journalista believes that great PR enables organisations to meet their own business outcomes, whether that’s an increase in donations and new business enquiries or changing attitudes as part of a organisations primary mission statement. We currently specialise in health, community and social care as we think in order to be truly influential we need to have specialist knowledge of our clients’ sectors and the areas where they work.
J’s Dance Factory and Dancing After School  Jessica Elliott
  J’s Dance Factory is an award winning, growing company that started life in the local church hall with 11 children learning street dance. Today the company has schools across London with approximately 200 children aged 3-17 training in tap, ballet , street dance and bollywood. Our sister company Dancing After school provides extra curricular clubs for nearly 30 schools across London, engages 1000 children a week in dance and develops continuous professional development programmes for school staff to help increase the participation in dance of children with emotional behavioural difficulties and special educational needs. We have now moved to helping dancers develop their own businesses and gain internationally recognised teaching qualifications through our latest venture ‘Teachdance’ which enables instructors to gain the right qualifications, dance specific business consultations, mentoring and marketing training.
Life Size Media  Alisa Murphy & Emma Murphy
  The challenge of engaging the broader public in the debate around climate change and sustainability is often poorly handled or simply overlooked. It’s crucial we find a way to make clean technologies and sustainable innovations relevant to people’s everyday lives, and that’s where our company Life Size Media comes in. We founded Life Size Media in early 2010, inspired by the wealth of sustainable innovators out there with great stories to share. Life Size Media is one of the UK’s first communications agencies to work exclusively with companies in the low-carbon, cleantech and sustainability sectors. Our small team are experts, committed to the sectors, upfront about their beliefs, and passionate about ‘practicing what they PR’. Through our tailored campaigns approach, we provide ‘green’ companies with a one-stop-shop for all their communication needs.
Classroom Medics  Tom Warrender & Davina Warrender
  Classroom Medics visit schools around the UK to help inspire the next generation of scientists and medics. We aim to help pupils make more informed decisions about their health and career aspirations which is very important in the current climate of high youth unemployment and rising tuition fees. The way in which we do this via hands on interactive workshops where pupils get to use real medical and sports science equipment in the classroom. We visit both primary and secondary schools and see pupils from the age of 7 – 18+. the kind of activities the pupils take part in include using a real needle to take fake blood from a fake arm, recording an ECG from their heart (the wavy line you see on hospital dramas) as well as measuring lung volumes, discovering their lung age and seeing what they would look like when they are 72 with age progression photography.
Living the Dream  Zoe Jackson
  The Living the Dream Performing Arts Company is a Hertfordshire-based organisation run by young people, for young people, providing opportunities to learn dance, acting, musical theatre, choreography, directing and technical skills. As a result of being offered a place at the National Youth Theatre, Zoe Jackson set up Living the Dream Performing Arts Company in 2006 at the age of 16. She decided that a way for her to subsidize her course fees would be to create her own performing arts company and produce shows in order to provide a spotlight for young people to showcase their talent, not just on stage, but behind the scenes as well. Since its inception, Living the Dream has grown beyond recognition and is made up of over 500 talented young people, aged 5-25 who take part in showcases, flash-mobs, classes, events and workshops. We have launched a School of Performing Arts, Professional Dance Company, Media Company, Community Campaign and are in the process of launching a talent agency.
Local Labour Hire CIC  Kate Pierpoint
  Local Labour Hire CIC (LLH) is a London-wide specialist local labour supplier. Its aim is to provide a mechanism for employers and Borough Councils to fulfil their Section 106 local labour obligations, whilst offering communities a route to local employment opportunities. Many employers are not currently achieving the government target of employing 20% of staff locally and in the economic climate, meeting such social objectives is crucial in having a competitive edge. LLH addresses the need for local labour. It is a Joint Venture company between a charity, Manor House Development Trust (MHDT) and existing recruitment agency, Vane Recruitment. Sharing expertise gives LLH the capacity to recruit candidates and payroll them on behalf of the employer. Its legal structure ensures we are accountable to Companies House to fulfil our social commitments, whilst profits are invested back into charitable activities via MHDT. Social impact is three-pronged: 1. Helping businesses meet corporate social responsibility objectives 2. Offering a route to local employment opportunities 3. Investing profits into charitable projects There is no other company in London which provides this combination of services and impacts, making us attractive to clients.
loveLife Generation Limited  Rukiyah Khatun
  Our Mission is to Involve, Inspire and Motivate young people to “Be the Change you want to see” (Gandhi) Our Vision is to Become an international family of young leaders who live the change they want to see, enabling others to blaze their own path to success and a better world. We are a youth lead organisation working with young people and communities to firstly, raise their aspiration and emotional intelligence through programmes for personal development, self-management, problem solving and leadership. Secondly increase their skill base for independent living, civic engagement and active participation in democratic processes. We also engage them in creative, social enterprise/ action projects promoting health, community cohesion, social responsibility and sustainable development whilst providing them with opportunities for accreditation, volunteering and leadership at a local, national and international level. The young people that we work with come from very diverse backgrounds ranging from domestic violence, being new to the country or young offenders.
Mental Health First Aid England CIC  Poppy Jaman & Mark Napier
  Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England CIC is based in London and develops mental health literacy in England by designing and then training up instructors to deliver mental health skills intervention courses to the general public. The MHFA course teaches delegates to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues in adults, provide help on a first aid basis and how to effectively signpost towards support services. Since starting as a programme within the Department of Health, the formation of MHFA England as a community interest company has ensured the independent sustainability of the MHFA programme in England as well as income generation for its instructors. MHFA England CIC is now a world leader, being the only MHFA programme to generate its own funds. It continues to provide updates to the MHFA course, develop new courses and train instructors across England.
Minna  Minna Hepburn
  Luxury, ethical clothing brand focusing on women’s wear and most recently we have added a bridal and children’s wear ranges. Our stockists include prestigious department stores such as Stockmann in FInland and we have also been working with stores such as Harrods, Anthropology and A La Mode in London who is famous for spotting new talent. Main part of the business is selling through online but also do regular pop up shops in Finland where we received and Elle Award. I have been growing the business organically with no outside loans or investors. I employ 4 free lancers and one staff 3 days a week. All pr, marketing and sales are done in-house which has enable us to build good relationships with the UK press with regular features and product placements.
Mpower People CIC  Michelle Smith
  Mpower People CIC provide a variety of activities aimed at empowering individuals towards living healthier, more independent lives, through a range of sports and healthy living education programmes and activities or training relating to increasing sustainable employment opportunities, enterprise development or personal development. Initially aimed specifically at those who are from disadvantaged groups, for example NEET (not in education, employment or training) clients, BEM (Black or ethnic minority) members, anyone living with a health condition, or long-term unemployed, etc. but now open to anyone who feels that they can benefit from our services/activities.
Nouveau Fitness CIC  Bethany Ainsley
  Nouveau Fitness CIC was formed due to founder director Bethany Ainsley’s individual involvement in delivering dance/fitness classes within East Durham which identified a lack of innovative affordable fitness providers in the local community. Research also pointed out a high rate of health problems within the area that can be related to non active lifestyles and obesity According to research people who wish to partake of this type of activity are often excluded due to affordability of provision. NF is dedicated to bringing dance/fitness opportunities to the whole community as we believe in the range of health and social benefits it can deliver. We have developed a strong team with significant experience and expertise. We offer 50 classes/activities covering dance workshops and fitness fun to 1000 people per week. They are delivered by fully qualified instructors in local community venues, tailored to suit the users.
OneLeap  Robyn Scott & Hamish Forsyth
  OneLeap is a charity-powered marketplace for professional connections. It’s a way for serious people with great ideas (whatever their background) to get through to decision-makers (potential advisors, investors, mentors, employers and clients) directly and fast by putting down a deposit to show they’re serious. And it’s a way for busy decision-makers to use the deposit to filter real opportunities from the timewasters, while helping charity.
Open Society  Maxim Lester, Annie Broadbent & Tom Rendell
  Open Society is a free membership network for 18-30 year-olds starting out in the world of work. We provide an online platform for our members to collaborate on start-up projects, find free skills workshops and networking opportunities, locate the free resources on offer to young entrepreneurs in London, and find meaningful jobs and paid internships. We also facilitate face-to-face support at our regular events, which comprise of one-to-one consultation sessions with industry professionals, member match-making for project teams, and the opportunity for members to pitch their projects to other members with a view to collaborating and skill-sharing. Our aim is for members to leave Open Society with the skills, experience, contacts and potentially even a job to take them far.
Pidgin Perfect  Dele Adeyemo & Marc Cairns
  Pidgin Perfect is a creative studio based in Glasgow. Our aim is to help build better communities for everyone in Scotland and beyond. We understand the natural desire for people to want to live in communities that provide comfort, security and a sense of belonging. However, there is a wide perception that those building our communities such as developers and architects only want to make a profit and create elitist projects. Pidgin Perfect offer an alternative relationship between developers, architects and the community. During the course of a development we create meaningful community engagement through workshops, exhibitions and fun events like a Pop-Up Cinéma or a Tea Party that place the community at the heart of the project.
PleaseCycle  Ry Morgan
  PleaseCycle helps organisations understand, encourage and reward employee cycling. We utilise digital innovation and employee engagement to get more staff commuting via bike. Becoming a cycle-friendly employer reduces carbon emissions, increases productivity, lowers absenteeism, bolsters health and catalyses camaraderie. Our primary provision is the Cycle Hub: a client-branded online portal which allows employees to learn about cycling, plan safe routes to the office, discuss issues in a forum and, most importantly, log their daily mileage. Doing so allows both the individual and company to actualise how much they are cycling; whether they are cycling more frequently over time; and how much carbon they are saving by making those journeys by bike instead of car.
Project Dirt  Mark Shearer
  Project Dirt (www.projectdirt.com) is London’s largest and most active green social networking platform. It has 2 purposes … it enables i) those doing green projects to connect, share good practice and collaborate and ii) those wanting to be greener to learn from real people undertaking real projects around them. Having grown through word of mouth on the existing platform – we are now building a next version site (PDv2) to implement a number of significant upgrades and also take Project Dirt to a national scale.
Re:Work Office Furniture  Caroline Wherritt
  We provide Ethical Office Furniture Solutions throughout the UK, mainly Yorkshire, Humber and Lancashire. Re:Work offer a bespoke removal and recycling service for surplus office furniture, allowing us to re-sell around 98% of the furniture brought in. We have also sourced a british manufacturer of new office furniture, that uses about 90% recycled materials throughout their production. We charge for all our services and products allowing us to sustain our business via our income.
Recite  Ross Linnett
  Recite Me Ltd is a specialist assistive technology company. Recite is an online system which makes any website accessible from any computer, no matter where in the world you are. It increases disability usability and compliance levels of any website instantly, it transforms your website to help comply with European and UK legislation and ensure that all of your users get full access to your website’s resources. A link is placed on the website, for example ‘click for accessibility/read text’. Once this option has been selected Recite will be enabled. Recite is an online software as a service system that acts as a translation layer between the user and the website. It transforms the format of websites, repackaging the content by adding disability functionality. Recite’s current functionality includes translating web page content from text-to-speech, providing a bespoke user choice of high contrast colour schemes, the ability to enlarge words, as well as dictionary and thesaurus definitions.
Rhema Media  Mark Rogers
  Rhema Media is a collaboration of UK Freelancers, with an ethos of working better together than apart. Our clients get the best of all worlds: heavyweight project management experience and a significant development pool to call upon at all times, but without the hassle of long-term contracts. We are committed to providing work experience opportunities, both paid and voluntary, to young people committed to developing their own future, who have a passion for creativity.
Risdon Enterprises CIC  Lois Samuel & Ben Samuel
  Risdon Enterprises CIC is a working care farm based in Okehampton Devon. We provide a service that is holistic and can help a range of men and woman who are suffering from various kinds of life controlling addictions. We provide: • Detox • Relapse Prevention course • Work therapy course in agricultural, such as milk production, animal care and egg production, catering, building construction, maintenance, milk processing and administration. • E-learning courses such as English and literature, health and safety, first aid, manual handling, food hygiene etc….. The Social Enterprises has developed out of Gilead Foundations Charity over the last couple of years. One of the main reasons is so we can really focus on business developments which will in time bring enough income to support the charity. It also provides excellent work therapy for clients to gain experience and training for future employment either within the social enterprise or other employment.
RWD  Nigel Wells, Alex Johnson & Paul LeFevre
  RWD is a magazine aimed at 14 – 24, the demographic is multicultural. Our magazine informs, inspires and creates a platform for young people to distribute their contents. We involve young people in every aspect of our magazine, this is why we have been successful, we do not dictate to our audience, we engage with them. RWD magazine is a lifestyle magazine, which focuses
Seeducation, Redefine Us, FlavrBox  Noam Kostucki, Sebastian Powell & Ruben Kostucki
  (1) Seeducation helps people make a living from doing good through – free training, coaching and elearning (2) Redefine Us helps businesses and charities reinvent themselves – paid training, coaching, and consulting (3) FlavrBox reconnects people to the amazing local food UK can offer – online farmers market (ecommerce)
Self-Central Ltd  Lisa Bent
  Self-Central aims to promote well being, personal and professional development through the importance of self-awareness. The company aims to strengthen the wholeness of individuals from the inside out. Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. These aspects are the heart of Self-Central. Self-Central TV –In-depth interviews with successful people in the public eye that hones in on a person to person level rather than focusing on the glitz and glamour. I have started this already and aim to continue. Knowledge in philosophy, psychology and existentialism will be used to conduct workshops, experiential training, and publications, to highlight and modify unhealthy ways of relating and behaving, whilst building confidence, strengthening self-worth and aspirations.
Set Fashion Free  Erel Onojobi
  An innovative, young and dynamic voluntary organisation, Set Fashion Free (SFF) is the place where young people come in order to develop their creativity, entrepreneurial skills, find value in their culture and heritage and develop a positive sense of identity. This is to challenge negative stereotypes, reduce the probability of under achievement and address the limited choices and disadvantage for young people in Black African Caribbean communities. We are now in the process of setting up Afrikouture is a social enterprise initiative of Set Fashion Free. Set Fashion Free is a non profit organization using fashion as a hook to promote entrepreneurialism, creativity as aspects of black culture and heritage.
shake my shake Ltd  Jamal Houssien
  The growing market of healthier eating has grown over the past years, more and more people are replacing tasteless drinks with a healthier option. The Founder saw an opening in the market to open up a store that offers customers a healthy option or a regular option just like our Oreo Milkshake. A great deal of time and effort has been spent finding out what makes a perfect milkshake or smoothie, so for months on end we began our experiment in travelling around the world until we mastered our menu choice.
Shazia Saleem Limited  Shazia Saleem & Menissa Saleem
  Shazia Saleem is a British fashion brand specialising in luxury hand woven textiles. This includes cashmere, silk and brocades from India and Harris Tweed from Scotland, occasionally all in the same design. Shazia has been sponsored to produce collections twice for Harris Tweed and her most recent for the Harris Tweed Centenary of The Orb exhibited at the V & A earlier this year. A cosmopolitan lifestyle is the essence of her designs and simplicity is key. Shazia grew up in Edinburgh and her heritage includes South Asia, Iran, cultures rich in hand weaving techniques since the time of the Mughals. Working closely with her partners in Scotland and India and through continuous investment in hand spinning and weaving, Shazia Saleem’s designs are a testament to some of the most experienced and skilled hand weaving talent.
SheSays  Emma Sexton
  SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and networking events to over 3000 women in the creative business. The world is pretty much half men, half women. So why are there hardly any women doing top jobs at agencies? We decided to stop chatting about it and do something. SheSays holds events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people work their way up. We also have our own award called The Golden Stillettos which is actually the first ever wearable award for women who stepped it up.
Simpli Startups  Ikram Mirza
  Our business looks to help entrepreneurs bring their business idea to reality by offering 5 fantastic packages at great prices, exclusive deals with our partners and also a vast amount of information relating to setting up and grow the business. Our packages include branding, company registration, stationary design, web design, quoting/ invoice/ accounting tools etc. Thus, letting entrepreneurs concentrate on running their business. Our aim is to power up enterprise in the UK by making starting a business a simple process.
SIX Magazine Limited  Alina Raetsep
  SIX magazine is a digital publication and website aimed at promoting the idea of ethical fashion to mass market. To achieve the mass market appeal, SIX adapted the ‘fashion’ angle, focusing on the ethical initiatives of established high-end designers, independent artists and labels producing small quantities, handmade or unique items, as well as established ethical brands to inspire the reader and the industry. SIX represents ‘fashion with the soul’, and stands for the ‘sixth sense of fashion’. We work to pave the way for a new, design-led, image of ethical fashion that will bring the demand from the public and influence the way brands source and produce fashion items on a mass scale.
Social adVentures  Scott Darraugh
  Social adVentures is a thriving social enterprise jointly owned by service users, staff and local Salford people. Its aim is to inspire local people to lead happier and healthier lives. Services range from healthy cooking classes to crisis management psychological sessions. It was originally set up as a Healthy Living Centre and hosted by NHS Salford over ten years ago. During the last two years, whilst travelling on the journey to become a social enterprise, through the Department’s Right to Request scheme, they have also been able to grow and develop their services. The team work with some of the city’s most hard to reach groups including elderly people with learning difficulties, asylum seekers and refugees, drug and alcohol users and people suffering from mental health issues.
Soldier On!  Nicholas Harrison
  “Soldier On!” is a charity recruitment organisation whose purpose is to provide career management support and to secure civilian employment for service-leavers and former members of the British Armed Forces who have been medically discharged”
Specs Gallery CIC  Alice Vaughan & Harry Owen-Jones
  Specs Gallery is a CIC (Community Interest Company), whose aim is to showcase the work of emerging visual artists within the London area. We operate a ‘pop-up’ gallery model, meaning our only permanent gallery space is online. We use empty properties around the city to exhibit our shows, providing not only a flexible and unique gallery environment, but also contributing to the regeneration of the city at a time when more properties are empty than ever before. We work with art students and recent graduates based in London and the surrounding area, showcasing the talent of artists from across a range of disciplines, including fashion, graphics, illustration and architecture, as well as the more traditional fine art mediums. As artists become involved with Specs and their work is featured in exhibitions, they are encouraged to build connections with their peers, students and graduates from different art schools and backgrounds, which will hopefully lead to the development of exciting new collaborations between these artists.
StairSteady  Ruth Amos
  we sell the StairSteady a specialist product to help those with limited mobility or who are unsteady on the stairs, keeping people active and able to stay at home. activity is linked with preventing dementia and keeping hearts healthy
SuperStars  James Taylor
  Helping schools to raise standards through the use of subject specialists in Sport, Music, Drama and Art.
Sutsu  Jon Wallhouse
  Sutsu is an environmentally conscoius boardsport inspired Streetwear CLothing Label for men. Sutsu aims to have a positive effect on all that it touches. We currently have a collection that features Carbon Neutral Tees, Crew Sweats and Hoods which are Organic and we also produce Bamboo Hybrid Skatedecks as an alternative to Traditional Maple decks as a more sustainable alternative. Sutsu is based around the concept of being accountable for our actions and choices with a view to helping protect the environment we hold dear for the sports we love. We offset our Carbon by planting trees in association with Woodland Friends and aim to grow our environmental concern through other similar projects.
Sweet Opportunity  Guy Walsh
  Sweet Opportunity was set up to provide employment opportunities to marginalised adults in Brighton and Hove, most specifically to offer work experience opportunities to marginalised young adults. We seek to generate all income through trading, to remain independent of state or other funding.
The Brilliant Club  Jonathan Sobczyk & Simon Coyle
  The Brilliant Club was founded by Jonathan Sobczyk and Simon Coyle, both alumni of the Teach First Graduate Scheme, who left their roles teaching in inner-city schools to set up an organisation that aims to widen access to top universities and, in doing so, bring about systemic change in secondary education. As a social enterprise our primary business activity is to recruit, train and place PhD students into schools facing challenging circumstances in order to widen access to top universities.
The Co-Sponsorship Agency  Oli Barrett
  We work with brands to create and upscale social action projects, bringing in a range of partners to make this happen. We aim to help businesses see that ‘doing good’ can also be good for business. From getting young people making films (with Apple) to helping youth club members fix their own clubs (with Wickes), we manage the project and help to ensure that it is delivered. In our first year we have worked with a wide range of organisations, from MTV and Unltd through to Number 10 and Channel 4.
The Dress Doctor  Joanna (Jo) Poole
  Your wardrobe is your life story. It narrates and connects you to past events, ancestors, relationships, passing rebellions and flirtations with social tribes. Your visual identity is the evolution of these parts, coming from a lifetime of design and purchasing decisions. The Dress Doctor offers a mobile fitting and alterations service that ensures the contents of your wardrobe are part of your future as well as your past.
The Fourth Wall Theatre Network  Daniel Bridgewater
  The Fourth Wall Theatre Network is best imagined as ‘a theatre company in a box’. We go in to schools and provide the skills, foundations and support for them to run THEIR own self-sustaining theatre company. Utilizing a team of school pupils, college students and university student, we provide workshops to highlight creative flare, build confidence and give opportunities to try something new. Our core belief is that each and every young person has something about them that makes them shine bright; and we see the arts as a way to help them reach this potential.
The Giving Card  Dan Taylor
  People believe in supporting great causes and love saving money! Members pay only £34.95 per year including a £10 donation that goes directly to their chosen charity. There is no participation fee for either charities or suppliers. Throughout the year they will enjoy discounts on everything from clubs to car hire, in the knowledge that they are also helping a worthy cause. They can use The Giving Card across the UK to enjoy discounts in a wide range of categories: Restaurants, Nightlife, Arts & Entertainment, Health, Fitness and Beauty, Professional Services and Online. The Giving Card offers charities an easy way to raise extra revenue, involving no charges or stockholding and minimum effort on their part. Its aim is to reward people who want to support charities.
The Hub Westminster  Alice Fung
  London is on the brink of a radical disruption in the startup sector. Over the past decade the evolution in technology, design practice, public policy, and crowd financing has been slowly enabling a new class of social, lean and effective, democratic entrepreneurship and change-making. Hub Westminster seeks to dramatically scale this emerging movement of civic entrepreneurship with this new space for social innovation.
The Moringa Tree  Chris Vaughan
  The Moringa Tree runs music festivals around the world, celebrating arts and culture and benefiting local communities.
The Small Business Consultancy CIC  Amar Lodhia
  The Small Business Consultancy CIC was established in early 2009 by young social entrepreneur Amar Lodhia, it is supported by a board comprising of some very high profile and successful entrepreneurs, business and community leaders. Our social enterprise has been built with a vision to create a society where nothing holds people back from becoming successful and achieving something out of life. We work with people from the hardest to reach backgrounds – such as substance misusers coming out of treatment for drug addiction, ex-offenders, pre-exclusion students in schools, young unemployed people- and through our unique, entrepreneurial and inspirational programmes, we aim to maximise employment and self employment opportunities for them and naturally through this we tackle many issues such deprivation, poverty and unemployment through equipping people with life, enterprise and business skills to be able to survive independently in a global economy.
ThinkForward  Kevin Munday
  ThinkForward places inspirational Career Coaches in schools, where they identify at risk 14 year olds and provide them with targeted support to ensure that they make a successful transition from education into work.
Third Year Abroad Ltd  Lizzie Fane
  ThirdYearAbroad.com is an information network which supports and encourages students before, during and after their compulsory third year abroad from university and makes their whole experience less scary and overwhelming. We provide information, case studies, advice and a networking platform so students can learn from each other’s experiences.
timto  Luke Cornish
  timto is a scalable for-profit social enterprise that aims to make it the norm for people celebrating a special occasion to donate to charity. We provide a revolutionary online ‘collective’ gift service, where a charity is always added to a wish list. The service enables people (friends, family, party guests) to contribute towards a collective fund, knowing that the money will be allocated between gifts and a donation.
United 4 Change  Abigail Okunlola & Josephine Takyi
  United 4 Change (U4C) is a not for profit youth-led movement of change our aim is to gather together young adults from across the globe and educate, inspire and empower them to creatively and actively take a lead in the fight against poverty. All our activities are focused on raising awareness and empowering leaders and comprise of: – managing a global network of volunteers who are using their talent, passion and time to make a difference to the lives of the world’s poorest.
Water4Ethiopia Enterprises Ltd  Andrew McAllister
  I founded Water4Ethiopia Enterprises Ltd in order to raise funds for clean water projects in Ethiopia, through the sale of Water4Ethiopia Bottled Water. All profits go to Water4Ethiopia, the UK registered charity. 25p per bottle of Water4Ethiopia Spring Water sold in the UK goes to Ethiopia, which provides 1 year of clean water for 1 Ethiopian. The consumer can then find out exactly who they have helped by placing the code on the back of the bottle into our website. The code allows the consumer to see a photograph of the person they have helped, and to find out their name, age and occupation as well as the distance they currently walk just to obtain dirty water.
Watergun  Rafael Pavon de Gregorio
  Watergun is a creative studio that specialises in audiovisual media. We are a team of talented professionals based in London, Madrid and Los Angeles who develop refreshing and innovative audiovisual content, engaging audiences and giving solutions to brands as well as the media, film and music industries.
We make them click  Nathalie Nahai
  We make them click is an agency that specialises in Online Psychology and Business Psychology for executives. We deliver practical digital strategies and tailored training (on- and offline) that help transform your business and personal potential.
Whatcarboot  Anthony Thomas & Timothy Pike
  Whatcarboot is the organization to bring communities back together, teach valuable business skills to young and old alike and provide a viable economic solution to support these goals. We provide a listings and review services, promoting sales and small community markets around the UK; helping bring an increasingly interconnnected society closer to the local events that help bring people together. We believe enouraging people to attend, sell and organize these events is important to building a strong community spirit, reducing waste, teaching entrepreneurial skills and building a better sense of self reliance.
www.MobilityBuy.com  Shane Bratby
  Mobility Buy based in Doncaster is a disabled owned and run mobility business covering all of the UK offering competitive prices on our large range of independent aids, but we do not stop there!. Our services like our DIY, Disabled cars, Shopping 4 U, Holidays and Care agency are widely popular.
Young, Black and Successful CIC  Richard Kuti
  Young, Black and Successful CIC is a youth-led company that seeks to raise the aspirations of Black and Minority Ethnic young people from all backgrounds. We do this through events, programs and media that challenge negative representation of Black youth and raises awareness of positive examples of high-achieveing role-models.
Zoobug Ltd  Julie Diem Le
  Founded by an eye surgeon in 2006, the East London based company creates award-winning protective and innovative sunglasses and glasses just for children along with a strong health message to protect children’s eyes against UV damage.
Zuztertu Ltd  Gerlinde Gniewosz
  Zuztertu is an innovative designer and developer of educational mobile apps and solutions. We are the creators of the famous “Pollock’s Toy Theatre” app for the iPad and the mobile learning platform “ko-su”. To-date, our portfolio consists of over 70 mobile apps, all available for download through iTunes and stretching across all age groups from apps for small children all the way up to adult education.

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