The Future 100 Awards were first launched in 2008 to recognise and profile young entrepreneurs running businesses, which have a triple bottom line. The definition of a triple bottom line, is a business that addresses people, planet and profit. They have a strong commercial foundation as well as a significant social and environmental impact.

Now, The Future 100 is a programme of support and an on-line platform that recognises the success of young entrepreneurs aged 20-35 who demonstrate entrepreneurial flair and innovation in progressing a responsible business venture.  In 2013 we introduced the Future 50 and Future 5 awards.  Future Award Winners are celebrated, supported and highlighted as part of the Future 100 programme.

Our definition of responsible business, is one which demonstrates an equal balance between economic, environmental and social goals to achieve ultimate business success.

The future of our world is in the hands of individuals who are committed to generating commercial and ethical returns. Challenging economic times can offer opportunities to question the way we operate as both a business community and a society.

Young entrepreneurs who are recognising the need for social mission as the heart of success are changing the face of everyday business and improve commerce’s impact on the wider world.

Future 50 award applicants must be running a business with social mission at its heart, be aged 20 – 35,  with a local or global remit. The company must have a base in the UK.  It is a competitive process and entrepreneurs will be selected based on the evidence they provide against the following judging criteria:-

  • Surplus/Profit is being generated and used for social mission and/or social purpose
  • Environmental & Social Impact is demonstrated
  • Leadership and team building
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Flair

The Future 100 programme and the Future 50 and Future 5 awards are the property of and organised by Striding Out www.stridingout.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are we able to nominate ourselves?
Yes you are able to nominate your company or yourself.

2. What if I can’t make the deadline?
Then you will unfortunately be unable to participate in this year’s awards, however, please contact the events manager in the first instance.

3. Are you submissions confidential?
No submissions are not confidential. All submissions are seen by the panel of judges and they are not asked to sign confidentiality agreements or to keep what they see confidential.
In addition, in some instances we may promote entrants to give them publicity before the awards dinners and so all entries must be sent in to us in the knowledge that they are not confidential.

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